TV Sound

I was having problems with our TV setup where my wife and I eat.
My hearing is not what it used to be and she can’t stand loud noises.
The programming that comes over there air (Tivo air broadcast) is at a lot of different levels.
Then some shows like Miami Vice is really bad. They mumble a few words then Blast into the who song theme music.
So anyway got a good deal on a dbx 166xs compressor and hooked it up, it works Great!

Keeps everything at an audible level without blasting.

I didn’t see any choices for something like this besides pro audio.

Anyone know of a consumer compressor?

I’ll sell you a Behringer MDX2600 composer for $30

Maybe something like this?

A noise gate in ‘duck’ mode would prob work better, always defeated DJs who would use distortion (everything up to 11) to get extra percieved loudness from your PA.

Most TVs have this equal loudness function built in now, as an option, I’d suspect.

That aftermaster sounds like what I need.

Just have to wait till the price drops to $29.95 from China.