Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Helen Howarth 1918

“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” is a classic hymn that holds out a promise of Christ’s help for troubled souls. The words were first written by Helen Howarth Lemmel in 1918 and has been translated into many languages around the world.
Originally published “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” in England in 1918.

Dedicated to St Mary Catholic Church, in Anacortes WA.
And to all all troubled souls of our world, turn your eyes and hearts to Jesus!!!

Peace, Love, Hope, and Salvation to all peoples!!!

Feedback is very much appreciated.


I had no idea that hymn is already a hundred years old! You’re vocal is soooooo buttery smooth on this one. WOW!

Also, that Taylor sounds so great for fingerpicking style. I don’t know if its because of the slightly smaller body, but the tone sits just right for this. A bit more mids focused. Great for hearing the the actual chord voicings. I thought it was your Martin at first. Awesome as always!

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Hi @holster ,
You have a really great ear, and your wonderful comments are so loved and appreciated!!!
My wife and I were supposed to sing this hymn on Christmas Day morning mass in St Mary Catholic Church in Anacortes, WA. Unfortunately, we got hit with Covid, and missed the Xmas Day Mass.

Our Pastor, Fr Mel, requested all musicians for the Christmas masses to learn and sing this beautiful hymn. Timeless and very true today, after 104+ years!!!

Thank you for the solid support!!!
Wishing you and your whole family Happiness and prosperity for the New Year 2023!!!

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Ahhh something older than me. Ditto what holster dude said. What would you charge to come play at our church??? Might be what is needed for a drastic fallout in attendance. :slight_smile: peace

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Hi Paul @feaker ,
In fact, Free Ninety-free!!!
Post-Christmas fallout of attendance is expected, nothing we can do there.
I do believe that music really has a big and true impact on a “service”!
I have received a few comments about how “they” got back to church “again” because of the music.
Although, there are folks that are blindly seeing the guitar, and automatically shuts down.
The guitar is a very folksy and informal instrument, and very accessible and easy to learn. And having the guitar in religious services, in the hands of the average Joe, can be quite a non-sacred experience.
Churches has to pay huge attention to their “service” quality, to include music.
Back to the answer- Free Ninety-Free!!!
Happy New Year!!!

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Good song choice Rene!

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Hi @studio ,
Love to hear from you, always, Chris!!!
Wishing you and your family, A Blessed, Happy and Very Prosperous 2023!!!
Thank you, and stay away from the floods and the landslides…
Stay safe and keep healthy!

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