Trying not to let my mixing chops "Atrophy"

This mix is a multitrack from the Cambridge MT library. A very cool song, where that was used as a “delay challenge” focussing on the use of delay in mixing over at AMC. Since I’ve been confined to home with illness this last week and a half, I decided to mix it. Feel free to drop by and leave your impressions. Thanks


hope all is well. Get well soon! Mix is stellar.
do you have delays on cymbals too? they are a sizzling a bit, unless it is intended.

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Thanks… No delays on the cymbals - that’s just how they are - they sizzle really hard. I think they were generated by a virtual instrument, and it sounds like during the chorus that the left crash is being ridden with all 127 velocity hits. A bit annoying, but it is what it is, I guess.

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I am not an expert on mixing, as my recording process is “as is, as the time of recording, with preset room reverb effect”.
I understand, that real recording, in most studios, record flat with no effects.
Then after the flat recording, they add the effects like reverb, delay, chorus, etc.
From my viewpoint, this song is superb, and the vocal recording is exquisite.
The recording is very professional, and the instrumentation is very nice.
The balance between the vocals and the instruments are very well mixed.
The process of adding reverb, and delay, etc is not in my wheelhouse, as this skill needs a ,lot of experience and knowledge. Of course, trusting the art is a basic requirement, as well.
I also used to record multi-track, and this kind of recording is perfect.
This multi-track recording and mix is pure excellence to my ear.
The song itself is simply beautiful.
Very well done.

And hope you are back 100%.

With love and respect,

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There will be a day when you look in the mirror and understand atrophy. I thought by the post it might be one of yours remixed? Hard to tell to hear improvements without hearing the original, but with your “track” record and “chop’s” I would expect it be much better than the original. Good to hear you are in the studio still tweaking. It sucks to be sick. Get well

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Yes, the vocal in particular in this multi-track, is really well performed and recorded, and the song has an excellent arrangement - that always helps make the mixing easier.

That’s good to know!

Yeah, the idea of this mix was that it was an exercise in using delay in particular, which I already enjoy using a lot in my mixes.

Cool - It would be interesting to hear some of your work!

Thank you for listening and commenting - much appreciated!

Not quite yet - Much better than I was, but still not 100%.

Haha, don’t worry, it’s already happening!

No, this is just a multi-track project available on the www

Here is the original mix - I think it is actually pretty good. Not positive, but I think Mike Senior did it (Cambridge Music Technology/Sound On Sound "Mix Rescue Columnist/author of "Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio). I wasn’t referencing the original mix when I did mine, but I think mine holds up fairly decently by comparison:

Thank you, Sir - I will try!

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Sounds pretty good to me. I like your vocal treatment better than the “official” mix. The only thing I noticed is that the drum compression is a bit heavy. The drums hit hard, but perhaps a bit too hard. I think the clean guitar parts could be tucked in a bit too, but I think the mix is really good overall. I can hear the vocals clearly at all times.


Hey @Chandler! Hope you’re doing well! Great to see you around.

Mix is sounding really good! I agree on those cymbals. Not a lot you could’ve done with that other than replacement, but as you said, it’s practice. You still have your chops man :wink: Sounding good!


Thanks - that’s nice to hear!

This is something I think I have yet to achieve a good balance with. I’ve worked a long time at creating a technique/process to get hard hitting drums, so much so that I think you are right - maybe they tend to hit a little too hard… Still, I would be interested to understand what you are hearing when you refer to the drum compression being too heavy. Maybe this is something I haven’t quite got my ears around yet.

Do you mean they need to be lower in volume, more compressed, or both?

Thank you for listening and giving such comprehensive and thoughtful feedback - much appreciated!

Thank you Bryan - great to get your thoughts!

The drums themselves sound good IMO, but they sound like metal drums trying to cut through a dense mix, but this song seems like a lighter rock song to me. During some parts the bass drum is hitting really hard and it is slightly distracting. Of course it could be volume as well, but I hear that compressed smack sound on the drums(the kick especially). I think the drums would sound great on a different song, but to me it sounds like a Djent drummer to play on a light rock song.

About the guitars, I mostly meant the volume, but compression might work as well.

Like I said I don’t think the mix is bad, but those are 2 things I noticed that I would change.


Ok, thanks - I guess I was hearing the track as kind of a progressive heavy rock track in the vein of Karnivool

No worries, it’s always good to get your input. Thanks!