Trying for a Neil Diamond sound ...yes or no bash

Just started this. I have trouble singing those low notes, so forget about my voice. Just wondering if the vibe is there. Only a couple tracks so far. thanks

Your lower voice works fine, blends well with the higher parts, I think some contrast like that is good. I don’t know about Neil (Young?) but this is a good vibe.

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They say some of the best songs were written by people who try and copy someone else. They totally fail in being a good copycat, but in the process find something new which sounds great. I like your lower voice on this song Feaker. My only suggestion would be to try and keep the low voice going in the chorus. I think it would be more consistent.
Good song! Would like to hear more of it…

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Hi Ingo It is actually Neil Diamond I was going for. ha ha So much for that clone. Just messin at this point. thanks much

Hi Evert It’s funny, when I played this song start today again, I did notice that I lost the feeling and vibe that started it out. That problem has reared it’s ugly head before. It is because I stop and try and figure out what I am going to say/sing next instead of writing the lyrics first. I will try and get out the wrinkles now. good catch

I really like the vibe of this one! Keep it goin!

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Thanks boss. I shouldn’t have put the ella thangy in. I don’t even know anyone named Ella. ha ha My wife woke up pointing to household projects to be done. I think I’m screwed (and not in a good way) for a while. ha ha

It starts off pretty compelling. I did get some Neil Diamond tidbits in the musical style and your vocals. As you say, probably just needs some expanding and fleshing out. I did “Holly Holy” once, for a voice recital, and got quite a few compliments on it. Neil tends to bring a bit more power, even on ballads and whatnot, but you’re definitely on to something. If you could do the whole thing in the lower voice, and maybe just add the high voice for some harmonies instead of the ‘duet’, it might help it really be Neil-ish … since that’s one of your goals.

Hi Stan Love to hear you sing holly holy. I always play that around the campfire. Everyone gets into it especially when the chord changes to A and it starts sing, sing a song…ha ha Cracklin rose also. I hear you about keeping it low and let the harmonies bring out the chorus, well that is when I get to developing a chorus. Thanks bud

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Not surprised with lyrics like this… :wink:

“Ella, you’re killing me, I want to kiss you, I want your c**k to be mean…”


Ha ha I usually put my own lyrics in all songs for a little spice. I just sang this with the first thing that popped into my mind. It was supposed to be I want your guy to be me.
yikes…I will post lyrics next time

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You want to sound like Neil Diamond???
Sorry, couldn’t resist that…
and yep, enjoying the lower timbres of your voice… O, just read vtr’s words and now I’m thinkng Lola… now there’s a great song… (wanders off singing “drinks champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola”

low notes suit you buddy, more please…


Hi Emma you crazy lady (was gonna say broad) Lola is a great song now that you mention it. I am going to check it out and use it on our drunken campfire sing-alongs
Might try plalyiin it G…or your fav Gmin ha ha

I have been thinkin (which is a dangerous thing) Like to make a song to poke fun at country songs. You know 4 wheel drive trucks…Friday nights…etc. Next part would be have some of the forum tribe sing the verses. You could be the dizzy blonde with shit kickers lookin for a studly bull rider. I have a good instrumental all ready to go that needs lyrics. Well that is my thoughts today. Tomorrow who knows too da loo

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wait, that wasnt me… i just heard them in context (kind of)… I didnt write them… nooo, lol :confounded:


Good vibe, good melody and arrangement thus far, @feaker! I think, for Neil D., you need to belt it out and over convey the emotion being discussed. I’d also hold a note at the end of a line a lot longer than usual for even more dramatic effect. I imagine the next verse rocking out, louder and bigger. Then there would be some cool bridge and solo guitar and then finally back to the soft beginning with a tidy ending. This idea of two basic sounds, this soft one, and a loud one, trading off is stuck in my head! You have four voices- soft low, soft high, loud low, loud high. They each can serve a purpose.

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Hi Steban I hear what you are saying and am presently working on some lyrics and melody delivery to finish this baby off. Got tired of it and took a small break. Thanks for listening