Truman Sleeps

There probably isn’t a ton to bash here since it’s just a solo piano. I was trying to show my son how he can record his piano stuff, so I’m looking for ways to make recording a real piano as simple as possible. This one was just my tascam field recorder’s built in mics.

This is my son playing, not me. Also, I’m just trying to show off that my son plays piano better than I do.


This is really neat, nice job. I just ordered a Casio 870 stage ‘piano’ and I don’t even really play the thing. I dunno what goes thru my mind sometimes. Maybe I will get to that standard before I die, but probably not.

:+1: Very relaxing. Recording came out really nice. Which Tascam recorder did you use?

DR44-WL. The built in mics are a little bit hard to EQ. I have to tame the high end a lot, and the low end has a bit of a pinched feel to it, so it does require a bit of work to get sounding the way I like it.

There’s no better way to learn than getting one and screwing around with it.

Hah… Word…

as Mixerman might say.

Will do that, indeed.

Nice sound, the old Steinway I guess? Great dynamics, besides eq did you do other processing?