Tried recording drums with cheap mic's

Hi Guys I just finished mixing a project with a bunch of friends.
We basically shared our existing gear to be able to record the song. The mics used for the drums are sm57 for the snare, the overheads are behringer c2 pair. toms and kick mics are captured with a samson starter mic kit.
How’s it sounding on your end? Please pardon the lyrics as they are sung in a native language (Filipino)

Thanks in advance

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Post just the drum stem, in stereo, its hard to hear them :slight_smile:

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its not playable when I’m trying to attach to a reply. I’ll try to attach it in the main post instead.

All good to my ears. The only thing I would say is that you’ve got a flam on the snare, presumably the difference in time between the close mic and the overheads. It’s a normal problem, I tend to deal with it by pretending it’s not there.


LOL. yes most probably. do you think reducing the snare transients on the overheads might do the trick?

The nearest thing I’ve had to success is micro-shifting the snare backwards in time by a couple of milliseconds. The success of that may depend on how much that affects any hat bleed you may have in the snare mic.

If you find anything that works really well, let me know!

Geez that sounds great to me! I’m not surprised that a 57 on a snare is a good idea, but the kit generally sounds nice. I think a lot of it comes down to bringing the good stuff out in the mix though, so well done!

Yes, Its just a little dark, but really pretty good sounding… and the reverb / room size / tone and width is all it needs… I’d like my drums to be in this ballpark too, so you are not too far away, but this really is a guideline only.

I processed it to give you an idea, this is where I would be starting out…

The tricky bit is to pull the drums out of the mix and make them exciting but not the cymbals.

oh, and the guitars sound about 3dB too loud, compared to the drums…

ok, so here is the above processed drum mix added to the original full mix (untouched) - just for fun

Sounds pretty darn fine to me.

I’ve used C2s as overheads before, and a Samson Q Kick as well. In the end it comes down to 1. quality of source material, 2. placement and 3. processing. If you can get all those ducks in a row, no one needs to know or how cheap the mics were.

I know you’ve already done a lot of work with virtual drums, and you always seem to get killer sounds. In some ways, being familiar with the source sounds of great sounding virtual drums is an excellent “taste-primer” for when the time comes to work with live material. It puts the engineer at an advantage over someone who had never heard a well recorded drum kit broken down into its constituent parts… So regardless of the tools you have on hand for the recording, you already have a bunch of fine “reference sounds” to aim for in the recording process.

On the main mix I can’t hear kicks too well, otherwise rest sounds fine. Maybe a bit overly bright/splashy on some cymbals, but quite respectable sounding.