Transgressor users?

Anybody using Boz’s Transgressor plugin? If so just on drums?

I believe you have the name wrong, or…maybe I did not win ?!?

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It was just a question about Boz’s New plugin users

I gathered that, I was just making light that Boz did not pick my awesome name suggestions.

I am sure it can mangle stuff really well, plus not only for drums.

Oh, I gotcha. You dont own it then?

I love Boz, but I am all stock plug believer. I do transient design the old fashion way with compressors and expandors. I am different.

Ok, more power to you! I wish I was, I could have saved thousands! I’m a big fan of the 3rd party plugin industry. Probably unnecessary and distracting from actually learning the fundamentals but it’s what I do.

I use it almost exclusively on drums. I did come out with an update yesterday that makes the transient detector work better on other sources than it did in the first version, but usually percussion is where I really use it unless I’m really looking for some sound designy stuff.


Cool, thanks Boz!

I still need to try it! I have a hunch that it’d probably be kinda cool on acoustic guitar too!

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This plug in looks absolutely killer. Glad to here the detector will also work on more then drums. I use transient designers on solo instruments, bass guitar, piano, acoustic guitar back ground vocals and FX all the time. Being able to eq out the sibilance on backing vox without having to get rid of all the high end would be just awesome.

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I’ve just been looking at the mongoose plugin. That looks pretty interesting to me actually :slight_smile:
Any one tried it ?

Hey guys, here’s a video I made today showing how I use Transgressor on acoustic guitar. The trickiest part about non-drum sources is dialing in the detector to narrow in on the right stuff, and this shows a way to do it.