Traditional Hymn, Contemporary Arrangement: Solid Rock

I’ve always loved da hymns.

So here’s my take on an oldie-but-goodie. Two guitars, vocals.

Hey Nice stuff bud. A lil different arrangement with the accent riffs( that are very good) on one side. I find that side a little hot and wondered if you might consider that other side very warm rhythm guitar copied and slightly delayed on the other side. The transition guitar not so wide and present? Just a thought. Right now, to me, it interferes with the vox. You sing this well. Also, you know I don’t know much about mixing. I do still say what I think…ya know over 70 folks do that. congrats

I find the vocals really engaging. I love the sparkle of the acoustic, but I agree with Feaker regarding the electric. Nice job.

Thanks, Paul. Yeah, I was struggling with how to place the guitars. So, do you mean panning the acoustic left and a delayed acoustic to the right, with the electric in the middle, but less prominent?

I love how you arrange your guitars, so am eager to try what you suggest. :blush:

Thanks, Paul. Could you tell me more about how you’d place the guitars?

Much appreciated, guys.

I think I would play with level and panning of the electric so that it’s more subtle. Of course as always it’s only opinion. :grin:

Hi bud. I kinda punt when I mix. I let the vox play down the middle and have only one guitar panned all the way play along. I listen if there are any conflicts in hearing the words. Then I unmute another guitar on the far opposite side usually EQ’d differently to pass only the higher stuff. If I still can hear the vox good, I add my accent and transition riffs somewhere from 25 to 50 on the side with the higher pass as not to start any fighting. If the accent riffs don’t conflict and/or run over into the lyric, you can leave them in the center? ha ha Also don’t want the fills ends to challenge the first part of the next verse vocal delivery, I actually will lower the volume there and let the vox win.
The way I mix is very unorthodox I am sure to those that are learned:) I think you know the guys here that have that talent. Love your stuff bud


Okay, so here are two remixes. I didn’t actually do a lot different.

This one implemented more, I think what you guys were suggesting (Paul & Paul): Acoustic guitar delayed with the delay panned more right (which made the AcG more centered, I think), and a slight cut in volume of the EG.

I like both. Not sure which is the better direction to go.

This second one I went a slightly different direction: more separation between the delayed acoustics, with the weight of the acoustic pushed more to the L and more balanced (in the stereo field as well as in volume) with the EG. I used a slightly different reverb for the room. Reverb on both of these are impulse reverbs.

Oh, on both impulses I sidechained the vocals to get a few dB of ducking on the guitars when the voc kicked in, just to get the vocals more to stand out.

Man I wish that I was a better mixologist. Both of these sound good to me. The first few seconds with the acoustics to me is real tight. I don’t get why the lead riff that ends at 15 seconds isn’t down the middle? There aren’t any vocals there yet? Hard to comment when you don’t know what you are talking about. Great tribute bud

ok, on second listen. I would like to only hear only the acoustics for the first 8 seconds. Then the lead ending when you start singing and then no riffs until I think 28 or so. Then have the song build with riffs etc. Even the vox softer at first and then build. Just a feeling. Either way, I like the song :slight_smile:

Listening to your 2 revisions. Good sounding acoustic recording! Nice and crisp and full-toned. I like your “noodling” electric part too and your vocal part is nice and clear with just the amount of FX.

I’m with you as far as panning things. In a sparse arrangement like this I’m never sure where to put things… So I’m listening in just curious to see where you settle.

A couple of thoughts on the arrangement:

  1. You could save the electric noodling until the 2nd verse to give it some build.
  2. I like the acoustic centered, but then what to do with the electric? You could perhaps split the parts and trade off L/R? You could re-amp one side to distinguish it from the other so it sounds like 2 guitars.
  3. Come up with a complimentary electric/acoustic part to balance the arrangement - assuming you put the acoustic in the “middle” like v1 above…
  4. Maybe you can pan the FX of the electric to the opposite side so it is more balanced in the field?

Just some thoughts…

Paul, don’t sell yourself short! What you describe is NOT “punting” but definitely a method you’ve worked out that works great for you!

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