Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (Netflix Series)

If anyone is into the “Witcher” show, had to make a flute version of it ofcourse… enjoy


Very well done, well played and mixed. Are you going to place this with someone or is this just a favorite? As far as the writing this is a pleasant tune but I’m sure you could write an original just as well, why not do that?

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this is for a cover for the “Witcher” theme. I am working on releasing a video this week . Song part is done, now on to the dreaded video part

Sounds great! :+1:

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finished product :sweat_smile:

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This is nice. Love the flute playing (obviously). Orchestration is spot on. And the video is nice as well. Very cool. I love your eye contact, looking straight at me. You look relaxed and unpretentious.

Nicely done.


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So, Michelle, how do you deal with the whole “royalties” issue? I’d be interested in recording and arranging music by other artists – covers – but have always been concerned about royalties or any kind of copyright violations. So I’ve avoided it like the plague. Am I too neurotic about these things? I’m not talking recording an album of others’ music, selling it for money. I’m just talking putting it up on my site (hah! Don’t have a site yet!) or my Soundcloud or something. Thoughts?

That issue was taken care of on YouTube years ago. A cover song on youtube splits ad revenues with the original artist . The percentage of ad revenue that goes to the original artist is usually pretty high in the 80 to 95% change. It also depends on the artist. Some artists do take 100% royalties but that is rare.

When it comes to actually selling a cover song on itunes or a cd , you have to get a license by using a licensing company like easysonglicensing or by using an attorney - which I have done that as well for some Chris Cornell songs. On youtube you dont have to worry about cover songs, it is automatically taken care of. Copyright strike and copyright claim are 2 different things. Strike is a bad thing and can have legal consequences, claim isnt. In a claim, you just split the revenues. You wont receive a strike unless its a blatant copyright violation like re-relasing the original song without any alterations. Covers normally have to deal with " copyright claims" and revenue sharing instead.

My channel has seen better days, now my spotify, itunes and facebook revenue trumps youtube . This is largely due to new youtube changes in sponsoring suggested youtube videos. You have to spend quite a bit on youtube to get noticed. . Keywords and seo does not help much.
Full disclosure, my channel has about 4 million views, and after splitting ad royalties with creators the revenue amounts to a little over $2500 in 4 years. Not exactly something lucrative for the effort it takes. Now I just do it to keep my skills sharp.

Very well done @FluteCafe , you have quite a wide range of skills! I sent you a pm.

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