Tonewood Amp for acoustic guitar

Tonewood Amp for acoustic guitar

Hey folks,

I recently “discovered” this really amazing gadget called the Tonewood Amp for acoustic guitars. It’s a device that induces vibrations in the body of the guitar itself to produce some go-to effects like reverb, delay, tremolo, and others – no amplification, all through the guitar. I even made my very first Youtube demo video because hey, I’ve got the time to make it and hey, you’ve got the time to watch it. :wink:

Sounds best with decent headphones.


Curious how you did the video, camera gear, audio, etc. Also, what’s that little silver gadget attached to the left side of your laptop screen with a USB cable attached to it? The Devo hat on top of the monitor is geek-tastic. :nerd_face:

It seems like a good demo. I’m not that much of an acoustic player so my mind wandered to other distractions on the screen. :upside_down_face:

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Didn’t. I just propped up the cellphone and went for it. Did the editing in Mixcraft in fact-- it has basic but fully functional video editing built in. All I did in post was add a 12 dB high-pass at 100 Hz and put on just a touch of compression.

That’s a Samson GoPro mic that I still happened to have lying around, and it’s a good thing, because the built-in mic on the laptop doesn’t work. That’s the work laptop, I am using the studio as my work office during the week. Obviously, getting it repaired isn’t happening anytime soon, so it’s easy for me to make shift with the Samson. (That was the very first mic I ever bought btw)

Good eye on the Devo hat. :wink:

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I’m wanting to try that, as I have the program.

Ah, makes sense.

I couldn’t miss it on top of the monitor. I was concerned it might cause you to run your levels too hot … because you know what Devo says: “Go on and clip it, clip it goood. :musical_note: Bu-bu-bu-bu-bump, wah, wah. :musical_note:

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Pretty easy to do… just create a video track and drag the video file into it. It’ll divide the file into a video and audio track automatically, which makes it a snap to work with the recorded audio. It accepts only WMV, MP4, and AVI formats, which is something of a limitation, but those are pretty commonly used formats (and conversions are out there).

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I really liked this demo video.
Nice, simple, clear video with good, clear audio.

Looks like a nice, handy gadget to own.

I especially liked hearing you play Ramble On. I love that song!

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Nice demo, Dave! :+1:

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I do too!! I’m sure that’s not the “right” way to play it-- I never could figure out exactly what Page was doing on the acoustic on the original version. Live he always plays it on the Les Paul and comes at the song very differently, so to my knowledge there’s no video of how he did the original acoustic part. It is a ton of fun to play though!

Thanks for watching y’all. :slight_smile:

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Yes, well done Dave! That’s a neat gadget. Ramble On is my favorite Zep song - of course it’s the JPJ bassline. :grin: (I’ve got access to some Zep stems including Ramble On, maybe you can figure it out from that?) If anyone wants them, hit me up on a PM.)

Forgot about how good the Doobie Brothers were too. I played their “best of” so many times I just got sick of hearing it. I haven’t heard China Grove in many many years! Love that guitar part!


So good to see you in person Dave. The guitar tone, even with out the new toy, sounded great to me. I can hear a lot of possibilities for recording after listening to your demo. You are very talented ole friend. There should have been a 15 second ad to start it off that you would get paid for promoting their product. Thanks much for this…honey…could you up my allowance???

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That lick had a formative influence for sure… as did Tom Johnston’s playing general. Dickie Betts is another – whenever I hear stuff from those days I hear the influence of their phrasing and choices in my own playing…