Tolo - 'Too late the Hero'

Tolo - 'Too late the Hero'


Hello all - my first file posted here for bashing. Old time RR contributor - guitarist / composer living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I only write original instrumental tunes ('cos I can’t sing!) - tons of influences - some I guess really obvious :roll_eyes:

This one is upbeat - a little unusual for me - I usually only write miserable songs.

Let me know what it does / does not need…appreciated.

Best to all



Hi Tony - Great melodies and punchy sounding rhythms and arrangement… However, did you render the mix in mono by mistake?


BTW, I deleted the topic about having trouble uploading, since it was just a brief temporary glitch. In case you noticed. :slight_smile:


It’s hard to critique this too much because it’s in mono. I can say that it sounds about as good as I can expect a mix to sound in mono.


Hi Me likes. I hear movie/suspense.



Good stuff tolo! I especially like the clean melodies at about 2:40 or so, I’d like to hear that expanded on. Bass is a little too much in spots in my headphones, maybe just me, speakers might be different.


Doh…spectacular miss. I guess that’s what happens when you bounce down your tracks in Multiple Mono in ProTools and check the ‘add .mp3’ box for convenience - assuming that the file would be interleaved…

Anyway - please find the stereo render up top - perhaps it might sound better now…!

You never know - it could have been one of those mistakes that defines a style - except that it wasn’t…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do me a favour and listen again?




In the early 90’s, as I was learning guitar, I became absolutely obsessed with guitar instrumental albums. Satch, Vai, Johnson, etc. After a few years though I burned out on them pretty badly. I can still appreciate hearing them on occasion now, but in very small doses. So much of it just started sounding like noodling and jamming more than music to me. Totally my own opinion. More recently though, I’ve found myself getting into guys like Andy Timmons, and I hear a bit of him in your playing.
Anyway… Dude. This song is fantastic! It actually has some melodic and dynamic flow to it and takes you on a ride. THIS is my kind of instrumental! I could honestly buy your whole album (if you have one) after hearing this single track. I’m not listening on good speakers, so I can’t really say much about the mix, but honestly, the mix is secondary to me when a song is this good.

Consider me a fan!!


Ahh, glorious stereo - that’s much better!

Man, this is a great piece of composition! I love all the attention to detail - the atmospheres, the little transitions, the variety of tones and textures, and most importantly, the way you develop a central melodic concept and tell a story that keeps the listeners’ attention all the way to the end. You’ve really nailed the cinematic quality in spades.

Production-wise, this is great - all the sounds are superbly crafted and sit really nicely together. The mix is great too, but the bass caught my ear as possibly needing some attention… a kind of “boomy-ness” that was hard to describe - particularly noticeable in the section that starts around 40 secs in with the pumping basslinee…

There was something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, so I downloaded the track and had a bit of a play with the low end. I think the issue might be the frequency area centred around 126hz - just pulling that area down by a couple of dB seemed to clear it up a bit. I experimented a little more with some multiband comp there too, and it seemed to help.

Perhaps the solution might be as simple as turning the bass down a tad, but then again, that might hurt the sound in other places in the song.

Overall though, excellent sounding stuff!


Woah! That was great… seems like it could be a soundtrack or something… a very cool listen. It definitely take you on a bit of a journey. Now that i heard it on my cheap headphones I gotta get a full listen on my monitors. Really excellent work.

… Had another listen on my JBL’s… that guitar at 2:38 is just beautiful… and just as I’m drifting away with it things start changing up again! I really like this piece!


Wow! Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!

@Andrew - thanks - I will have a look at the bass guitar and try taking a bit of low off it. You are right - I think its a frequency thing rather than a volume thing… I will try a couple of things when I get into the room later…

@Jamieson - thanks pal! That is my '62 Strat ‘Rosie’ - simply the most beautiful guitar ever - my #1.


Thanks Holster - really appreciate it… I released a record in 2012 - it’s on on itunes, Spotify etc - and this track will be on the forthcoming release ‘Kaleidoscope’ in June ‘18.


I’ll be on the lookout!


WOW! :open_mouth:


Hmmm… I’ve never been able to put my finger on why I don’t gravitate towards the guitar maestro records, but this is very well said! I own a few Eric Johnson CDs but rarely listened to them for some reason. I can certainly appreciate the musicianship though!

Back to the topic, now that I’ve picked my jaw off the floor, that is a fantastic piece! The mix has a 3-dimensional quality to it and so many and interesting moving parts that it keeps you engaged. Really nicely done!


Hi Tony. This is such a great song man 10/10. I really like how the drum sounds, are they real or samples?

How about a killer guitar solo, maybe right after the build-up at 3:11? But, hey, just my opinion. The song is already close to perfect as it is. Cheers :beers::beers::beers:


Thanks man! Appreciated. The drums are samples - Superior 2. Thanks for noticing - I spend a lot of time on the ‘kit’ and making it sound as ‘real’ as I can.


Ooh this is a beauty, great rich tight snap and punch with lovely layers of ear candy… gorgeous twists and turns and sweet crooning guitar yumminess… I’m late to this bash party so am just sitting back and enjoying the great soundscape… :beerbanger:


Thanks Emma! ‘Ear Candy’ - now I never thought of anyone associating that with my stuff - a tribute thank you! I do try and keep the listener guessing…so glad it has worked for you.