Tolo - "The Magician"

Good evening folks… Another original track - inspired by the TV themes from those amazing series’ in the 70’s… The Persuaders, The Champions, Man from Uncle etc…Thinking of this for an opener to the album - what do you reckon?

Bash away - all advice appreciated.


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Really cool track, Tony…

My two suggestions for improvement would be:

Get into the meat of the tune sooner, a very short stint of the plucky synth, then get into the bass and drum groove…

Improve the stereo image. The plucky synth would sound great if it was spread widely. The strumming chords that I hear around 1:30 could be panned either left right, The drums also need some spreading…

Great bass work !!!


Hey Tony - this sounds great!.. but it would sound much better in stereo - I think you uploaded it in mono - I hit the mono button on my speaker switcher and heard no difference… I gather you must have accidently rendered the file in mono.

My only point would be that the bass might be a tad overdone - Not certain if the big verb on the kick goes all the way through the song. If it is, it could be contributing something there.

Thanks chaps - yeah - laziness on my part. I have been guilty before… I hit the ‘add .mp3’ button in Protools when I am rendering my multiple mono files… Bad discipline. Please find the real file on the original post - as it is meant to be…

Have listen - see if the bass thing is fixed on the stereo mix.

Appreciate it!


Hey Tony I’m Anthony, lol, 2 peas in a pod.
I like the song. The audio sections are interesting and keep me moving with its moods and vision. I dig the bass the most.