Tolo - 'Kaleidoscope'

Tolo - 'Kaleidoscope'


Hello from an autumnal Joburg folks… my favourite time of year…

Here is a new one from me - I think it might make a good opener for the album - what do you think?

Bash away folks - your advice is always helpful…

Best to all.


Well done. well played, well recorded, well mixed. not my style of song but i appreciate the quality. Thanks for sharing.


Sounds pretty good. The beginning is really crisp and well separate. The energy, balance, and definition are there. Starting at the 1 minute mark, you have the lead instrument (slide guitar?). Really midrangy and loud and ducking everything, presumably by hitting a bus compressor too hard. I’m sure you can find a better way to get it to be up-front and present without ducking everything whenever it hits, and maybe find a better tonal balance in the process. In the later part of the song (3:48), you have a more distorted version of the lead that fits in the mix a lot better. That’s really the main thing to address, but it is pretty severe as-is. Otherwise the mix sounds great, nice work!


Sounding good !

m24p is right about the beginning really nice. When comes the lap steel gtr, hard hits kill the rest of the elements, so hardly that it could be intentional. If it is a choice, ok, you just should should adjust the threshold. The Terminator style ending is fine !



Thanks guys… I heard the ducking from the start of mixing (but ignored it thinknig it was my ears) - and I have no idea how to fix it! It is the same guitar used on the intro - same track, same settings, same everyting - so can only assume it is the volume of the attack that is making the difference?!

It is a Stratocaster - no pedal steel guitar on here!

Should I re-record the main melody on a separate track - perhpas at a lower level - it is Amplitube 4 - no compression used - so that is certainly not the issue…

Any ideas?


Not sure that it is a recording issue just maybe a mix problem.


I mean, you could automate the volume down so it doesn’t slam the master bus quite so hard. No need to re-record, or even use a separate track, the big issue comes later.


Do a hear a whammy bar, they are such a mystery to me! Sweet arrangement👍


Sounds good to me except for the compression issue. Are you using a mix bus compressor? If not it could be the limiter. You might actually try compressing the lead guitar parts a bit, so they aren’t triggering the mix bus comp so much. The overall feel and song is great.


Thanks guys. Really appreciate all the feedback. I think I will remix the whole thing and bring all the levels down - then isolate what exactly is the issue with those clean guitars.


hey…sorry for the wait to do this - been waiting on a mac repair… Have tried to kill the ducking on the main, clean guitars. Think I found the issue. Please take a listen and let me know what you think… Have I cured it? Slight remix tweak too. New file on same link up top.

Fingers crossed…

Best to all,