Tolo - 'Dreamchaser'

Hey folks - I guess this is my attempt at a rock opera. This one, I suppose, is my life story… Something of a journey. Please feel free to bash away - be brutal!

Also - for you guys that we involved with helping me get around the ducking issue from Kaleidoscope - please check that out to see if I have cured it. If so - THANK YOU - invaluable. I thought it was a recording issue and i think you guys were right - it was a mix issue.


wow. I was wondering what you where meaning by rock opera, now i know. I always seem to have a hard time focusing on a song if it gets past 30 secs and there is no vocal. nothing stood out as being off putting and the whole thing seems balanced mix wise. I am not sure about the "room’ for the drums but that is a taste thing i think.