TODAY ONLY (Sep 6, 2018) - Platinum Bundle for $199

More Waves sales.


Are these V10 of the plugins? Is there a ‘catch’ to the extremely low price? I haven’t used Waves plugins for some time and the ones I own are very old. Just wondering why they are unloading these for so cheap.

Waves seems to be doing this quite a bit lately! I don’t think there is any catch to it. You might try this link to see if you get an extra 10% off too :wink:

You can sell way more plugins at $29 than you can at $299.

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Yup. For the most part, I’d guess that the development costs have been covered and now they’re just riding the gravy train and sticking it to the smaller dev companies by over-saturating the plugin market with rediculously low prices. The whole WUP thing really sticks in my craw though, I’ve gotta tell you…

I just looked at whats in that bundle, and I think its an insanely good deal for $200…don’t you?

Seems like it!

Wow!!! $144.61 on Every Plugin.

Absolutely! A couple of years ago I’d have been all over it. :+1: