To the wolves mix ,Jet B

To the wolves I know that one alright lol.

Hey Alan - you’re a machine!..some good stuff here…

I’m finding the vocals are a being masked by the intense buzzy guitar sound - they are competing for frequency space. Maybe tame the top end on the guitars, lift the top end of the vocals, or maybe a bit of both.

Something about the piano bugs me - it sounds a little “stuck on” - needs a little ambience to seat it in the mix, as well as some eq to cut the lower to middle midrange and maybe brighten up the high mids and the top for some more “tinkle”.

Drums an bass are sounding good, low end is pretty tight. Hope that helps!

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Maybe i should just give it up as a hobby ,maybe time for change

Cheers you made me realise i cant be bothered with all this anymore .I had a good 5 years messing about with it all

sounds great to me. I don’t want to just copy what @ColdRoomStudio said, but those were my same thoughts. That fizzy guitar is stealing a bit too much attention, and the vox feel like they are buried a bit.


Oh, come on. You make great mixes. There’s room for improvement in every mix, stagnation can’t be accepted. Get your strength together and fight for the music!


Im fine just had a fed up moment lol

I know, I’ve seen it a million times, been through it too. Sometimes you just gotta say “fuck the world”. Plus, you get to hear all the people that believe you beg you not to leave.

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Hey Alan…sorry to hear you’re a bit frustrated at the moment.

If it helps at all, I think everyone feels like that from time to time - I know I certainly do. Sometimes, it’s best to just take a break for a while and come back later when you feel ready to face it again.

For what it’s worth, I’ve probably been listening to your mixes for those 5 entire years, and I’ve heard a pretty massive improvement over that time. I especially admire your ability to mix quickly and still get great results.

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Im cool mate was just on a downer had too much booze i think .
Cheers for you great feedback as usual its very helpful