To Sam Rawfers mix

A little mix I done today.

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Interesting composition… eerie sounding in some ways. Mildly disturbing even. I say this as a compliment-- it’s evoking a visceral reaction.

You’ve managed to get a very dense arrangement across without losing identity of the components, nicely done. My only real nitpick is that the vocalist is very hot and saturated, so that when he’s really wailing, it’s a little harsh. Maybe a little more automation of the processing to rein him in at those spots?

Will listen again later in the studio, on just my regular computer headphones at the moment. Thanks for posting!

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Nicely done. I would say as well that vocals are too hot coming in. I would say that 1:17 is where it gets about right. Still the volume is a little high there. Otherwise I am not sure it sounds good but it is hard to say what is going on behind those vocals that i missed.

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Cheers both for the comments

interesting… nicely done… like it very much… good job

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Cheers cubiclestudio glad you like it

Bashing as I listen:
The kick is quite huge on this, and a bit “pointy” (I wonder if a little less click wouldn’t have worked better?).
The distorted vocal is cool and add some disturbing edge, but I wonder if you will change it at some point, I hope so… I find these kinds of overtly effected sounds on vocals only work for a limited amount of time, as a contrast thing, but I guess that’s a taste thing…
I like the bgvs at the end, really twisted and the treatment you did on them is pretty good.
Solid mix though, I quite like the edge of it, apart from the nitpicks above.

Cheers Pat I will have a look at those points you raised

A few adjustments

Vocals sound very good now Alan!
This builds up nicely into madness, which I think is the whole point of this tune… I like the delay throw in the middle. Good ambiance as well, dry but well judged.
Man these bgvs are disturbing (in a good way). Around 2:45 when the synth/organ enters, it kind of eats a bit of the lead vocals, so perhaps some EQ notch could help there.
Kick sounds better too but I wonder if it couldn’t be automated broadly to come out less strong and build slowly.
It’s getting there. Quite a hypnotic tune and your mix makes me like it, so great job on that!

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