TNK needs TLC

Totally can use some input for this recording of
The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows.

Of course it’s our little band’s version and vibe.
We recorded the bass, drums, acoustic guitar
with two mics in a converted garage.

We had the mics in a Blumlein configuration,consisting of
a ribbon microphone and a large diaphragm condenser.

But I can’t seem to bring myself to get the bass out a bit more (consistent?)
without adding a synth to the lower end.
Maybe all y’all can help? Thanks.


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What do you have for acoustic absorbtion control in the garage ? I’m hearing a lot of refection/slap echo causing interference.

Maybe just lower all of the high frequency above 1khz to allow what bass you have to be heard ?

Do you have two matched microphones you could use in the Blumlein config ?

Have you tried adding a bit of overdrive to the bass? Often, that will bring out some tasty harmonics from the bass. Worth a try anyway :slight_smile:

I think my experiment at the time has failed. I cant seem to tighten that bass at all before i even think about making it “louder”.

I could use a synth to bring something out but I want to see if I can work the existing track at hand.

Is it at all possible?
Maybe a gate to get rid of some of that messiness?