Tired of You - 2nd Attempt

Tired of You - 2nd Attempt
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This is a mix of a track entirely written, recorded and performed by IRD member, the sublimely talented Derek Reese @DerekReese .

I previously uploaded a mix on RR that I was a bit dissappointed with - hopefully this is an improvement - let me know what you think:


Shame the drums are so far back on the break out. Could be a powerful change up, kind of comma in the song. Otherwise, nicely drab and well performed.


Good morning cold room studio,
i thank you for your wonderful compliments.
Although i find this mix to be very interesting, it is too wet for my taste.
I enjoy when my drums were up close in your face lol.
But i thank you very much for giving my song your own spin brother.
This is my final mix and master…


That is sounding good. Everything is tight and your freq balance is good. I like your use of delay on the vocal, it helps to bring some movement to the mix.


This is also a good mix. I don’t mind dry but I feel like your mix could use a some touches of effects to give the mix some movement. Just a bit here and there can help to reduce the feeling of in your face from start to finish.


Wow, how cool is it to witness these two mixes and the preferences of the artist vs those chosen by the producer/engineer. I like them both! And I agree with Andrew @ColdRoomStudio, you are super talented Derek! Great composition and performances.

And heaven forbid I should ever gainsay the actual artist, but I find I prefer Andrew’s mix, to my ears it has a greater sense of space and, as Eric @redworks pointed out, movement as a consequence. Clearly a style choice at this stage. How cool to have this kind of choice to make… a good problem to have. :smile:


I agree :slight_smile:what a cool choice to have, thank you all for listening.


Both versions sound amazing.

Reminds me of John Legend. Not my favorite artist but can’t deny his talent. Just like you guys both artist and engineer.


Really like what you’ve done with this Andrew… sounding slick sweet and groovy through my stereo speakers… nice tight drum sounds with a slightly smoky club vibe that I’m enjoying. It’s not my normal go-to listen style but I’m liking the ‘hang and cling’ feel of the vocal fx… well, I’m trying to explain it as best I can… :sunglasses:

Feels smoooth and tasty.


Thanks for the listens an comments everyone, and thanks Derek, for sharing your tracks and giving me a shot at mixing this. I wanted to challenge myself and step out of my “comfort zone”, style-wise here, so this was fun. :beerbang:


Love your voice:) I don’t have too much to add. Just a really good vibe. Harmonies are awesome. congrats. I hear a little bit of America and Chicago:)




Very great song to me. I really how interesting it is!
The vocal performance and all little things every where make the song really great.
Plus the “smooth” and not so angry feeling is really pleasing to listen to.

I find @DerekReese mix very interesting and personnal but to my tastes, @ColdRoomStudio mix has a sens of musicality that really enhances the song.

It’s just a matter of point of view, the song is still great at the end and I really enjoy it!


Both mixes are great, but with that level of talent it is understable. Derek, you have a very firm idea of what your sound should be, and it is very moving and recognizeable. Andrew’s mix does add some movement and interest, but from listenining to another track of yours, I can hear where you’re trying to go, and it is compelling in a different way. Both are superb, congratulations…