Tin Man, America 1974

America is a British-American rock band formed in London in 1970. America is Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek, sons of US Air Force personnel stationed in London.

The song’s title refers to the Tin Woodman from The Wizard of Oz. Songwriter Dewey Bunnell was quoted describing the parallel: "My favorite movie, I guess. I always loved it as a kid. Very obscure lyrics. Great grammar - ‘Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man.’ It’s sort of a poetic license.

This song is for all innocent and simple people of our world. May their joy and appreciation for life spread like wildfire, and promote happiness and hope in all peoples.


A+ Ha ha I was a teacher. Still can figure out how you get that awesome vocal to pop thru like that. Always liked the simple bass in that song. congrats again


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Ah, those smooth, 70s major 7th chords!.. makes me feel like strollin’ through a wheat field with the breeze blowin’ through my (chest) hair! How mellow can you go!

Nice one, Rene!


Hi feaker,
This video bass play is super nice.
The bass part of this Tin Man classic is super good.
Are you really a teacher, what did you teach?
Thanks for the A+.
Love this, Paul!!!

Ahhhh, the Maj7 is always a fav of mine, and this classic is really using this progression to the max loveliness.
Thank you so much for the compliments.

Another great tune. Thank you. I’m with Paul on this one too… your vocal presents really nicely in this mix. Great performance and recording. So many great songs from that era.

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Hi skua,
I love the songs of the 70s.
This group is a special band for me, and I truly love their songs.
Thank you for your wonderful compliments.