Time in a Bottle

Hah! An oldie, but goodie.

I thought I’d throw this up to the collab forum cuz there hasn’t been any action here for a bit!

I welcome any critique on performance or mix, but what I’d really love is to do some collabs to add strings, keyboard and bass . Croce’s original arrangement has a very subtle string pad and keyboard at 0:55, and then again at 1:29. Subtle bass as well.

Any takers?

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Hi Tesgin, I love this song, and this rendition is great. I could see myself participating. I can’t really make out the strings at 0:55, I am hearing more like a soft brass pad. Do you want a 100% faithful cover?

Are you the one singing and playing the guitar?

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Great song! I don’t think I have the time right now, otherwise I’d totally be up for it. (bass) It’ll be cool to get some of these collabs going again.

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Excellent work. If that was you singing, kudo’s:) Found the left ear and really the whole mix a little bright. That is on these cheapo cans. Very good guitar work. Like to hear more bass tho for cement?
I like the thought of a collab, but I don’t have anything to help. I look forward to see what happens next.

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Thanks, much appreciated. Have always loved Croce’s stuff, and this song is a classic.

Yup, all me. I

Maybe you’re right. Might be brass, like french horns or something. Hard to tell on the youtube clip (not very good quality). I have the CD. Will give it a listen.

I’d love to get it as close to the original as possible, but, hey! It’s a collab. If you have some different ideas, go for it! :slight_smile:

I’ll have time later to maybe “de-harshen” it a bit. Thanks, Paul.

Oh, BTW, I wasn’t playing to the metronome, but the metronome was 100 bpm.

Cool, let’s do this then. I was asking about being faithful because it’s really hard to make out what notes does the keyboard play so I will probably have to interpret and come up with something close, but not quite identical.

About the metronome I’m confused, what’s the point of setting it to 100 bpm if you are not following it anyway? You seem to be playing at 132 bpm except for the few parts where you are slowing down. Should I just download your mp3 and work with that or do you want to send me the stems and maybe a click track and/or a sync track?

Let me know. :+1:

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I’m sorry. I didn’t say that corectly. What I should have said is that the tempo map is 100, but that I’m not playing to the metronome. Significance just being that if your project has the same tempo map, you should be able to just import my mp3 (above) and record your parts, and when I import it back into the project it should be in sync. If we don’t have the same tempo map it’ll be messed up.

Alternately, if you want, I could just send you the stems in a project file. I use REAPER.

Perfect! That’d be awesome. Feel free to PM me.

Nice work Tesgin. I look forward to hearing the result of this collab.

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Any progress on this? Still open?

@Tesgin and @Lophophora posted the finished mix in a thread here somewhere and did a great job on it! :+1:

Here it is: Time in a Bottle, updated

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