Throw it as it is, Manix Mixoff

Hi there, here is my mix, decided to finish it rapidly.
Let’s tell what you like or not ! (Logic/Slate/softube stuff)

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Oh i like the predelay on the vocal going into verse1. Yeah baby. I am really liking the overall dynamics and movement in this mix. I think that the chorus vocals may be a little loud but that is a taste thing i would say. You could have pulled automated those gasping breathes down even more for my liking as well. Other wise really good from start to finish.

@holster why can i not vote on this mix?

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@redworks he had deleted that in the post but I put it back. All is well :wink:


Thanx Holster

No problem at all! I like easy fixes :grinning:

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Thx redworks, you’re right about the automation, but
i didn’t want to do more. I wish i had reference the mix to check my finalization.
The result is a bit dark and would have been better with some excitement.

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I like the mix not much to not like. I think if you had taken a little more time on the vocal breaths automation and a few other things it would have sounded even better.

I think you said it best in the other thread you posted that you" didn’t work a lot on it because of the
lack of emotion to the song". I agree if you aren’t into the song then do as much as you can and move on.

Nice job for time spent!

Nice balance! Good one! Cheers! :beers:

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Very good. Perhaps kick is too quiet in comparison to the snare.

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WOW…great overall balance really awesome…and love the ringy bass…ACE!

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nace mix with a nice bass!
Good luck!

A lot of stuff to like about this mix. Very pleasing sounds overall.

Just a few details that hold it back from being really top level. The kick drum needs more presence (and possibly more dynamic control) in the choruses. The breaths are a bit intrusive, and the toms are a little too thick in the low mids to my ear.

Nice work!

Hey there moa22 :slight_smile:
Nice mix, very good low frequency balance, the bass is smooth and works well with the kick. The only thing this mix is missing is the high frequency content: the cymbals, hi hats, and acoustic guitars, they are all buried beneath and if you’ve let them shine this would have been an ace mix. I think an easy fix would be just to place an EQ on your master buss and do a high shelf boost, give it some 2-4 dB of gain from about 6kHz and up, and listen how it opes up.
Nice overall job :slight_smile:


thanx, but i had to stop working on it because i found the song boring, that’s why “throw as it is” is the title of the post. I must admit that you’re right ! i didn’t give up because i wanted to know if i was
taking the good direction. Thanx for listening

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