Three Sides of a Tragedy I - Unpleasantly Surprised

This is the third song from my rock opera (or conceptual album) Three Sides of Tragedy, “Unpleasantly Surprised”. Here’s the song:

if your interested in listening to the first two songs, you can start here:


Is that a Midi drum set?

The rack tom panned left sound dryer and quite a bit further forward than the snare.

I would add a little more snap and bite to that beater on the kick. Sound like the kick is very visible in the room mics but needs more direct mics. The balance on the Cymbals seems a little odd. Its like the ride is thick and present and the crash cymbals (which intuitively should be louder) are buried. I also wish there was more shimmer in the cymbals overall. The toms sound a little over-compressed to me.

Can you sample swap that cymbal he keeps hitting repetitively? Or if its a software cymbal change up the articulations so it sounds more natural?

Did you put a reverb on the 2 bus? I know you might have been going for a washed out and ambient over-all feel, but its a bit much for me.

When the additional rhythm guitar joins at 1:38, the lead starts to get a little lost.

It is

Now that you mention it, I agree

I can try with other samples and experiment

Nope. But I have an aux track with a plate reverb to which the vocals, snare and guitars are routed to

it’s not an extra guitar. It’s a delay that kicks in really strongly. I like the effect of the drowning guitar there :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this valuable feedback Jonathan. I’ll tweak the drums based on it.