Three Sides of a Tragedy I released on Bandcamp

Three Sides of a Tragedy I released on Bandcamp


Hello guys!

After a lot of work my album “Three Sides of a Tragedy I” is finally done. It’s on its way to digital stream services and will make some cds and vinyl also. For now, it is on Bandcamp. It’s a progressive/psychedelic rock opera. Here’s the link in case you’re interested:

Thanks for listening and for any feedback!



Congrats on the project! Sounding great! I’m listening right now. :beerbanger:


I’m liking the bandcamp player. Nice and clean. I wish we could incorporate a similar player so we can have playlists etc.

I suppose we could recommend using theirs though. At least it wouldn’t hog storage over here :wink:


It is very convenient. Plus the links to download or buy on the playlist itself. I wonder if there is a solution for a playlist with songs hosted on google drive or something similar. I’ll check that out.