This week's song demo...theme is friends to lovers

Back when I was 14 (sixty years ago, yes i remember) my best friend bob had a 17 year old blue eyed blonde sister who tormented me daily. She would say stuff like tickle time, or you wanna wrestle, even wanna snuggle and watch tv. Anyhow at 14…???
This will be the first time I haven’t included lyrics. Hoped you could hear them. Breedlove on one side and Takamine capo’d up on the other. Lost my voice after a minute or so and will resing the shakey parts later. Another song another day not good not bad sorta midway. peace and love yawl


We used to call that “robbing the cradle”. :joy: Poor fella! :wink:

Interesting stroll down memory lane, plus the fantasy aspect. Pretty song and really good lyrics IMO. The harmonica part is cool, really works! Maybe bring the harmonica back in at the end, just a little reprise?

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[quote=“Stan_Halen, post:2, topic:6359”]
We used to call that “robbing the cradle”. :joy: Poor fella! :wink:
Yeah Stan she was perfect as I remember it. She called me poopsey…not sure what that meant. It was a household with only a mom that worked long shifts, so no supervision. ha ha
the song, once again was just something to do. I give it a C grade. Nothing in my mind for a new one which is scary.

Hi feaker,
You must be good-looking at 14, to be “tormented” like that, in a sweet way, I think.
I can hear the longing of those sweet memories in your song and vocals.
And it is a good thing that none of the “rob the cradle” got out of hand, and stayed a lovely memory, for the both of you!!!
Very nice instrumentation, especially the harmonica.
Love this recording.

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Can’t understand why I didn’t see all of these songs lately; I try to review every song you post. This song sounds all very nice! Has a good ending too!