This track has zero compression.....does it need it and where?

I recorded this short track hoping I could find a movie spot for it etc. Anyway I didn’t use any compression. Do you hear any elements that need some compression?
The bass I play can ring all day after you pluck a string. ha ha


Cool track!

I think it’s relatively even overall. That being said, I would definitely put some kinda bus compression on it for some overall control. Beyond that, it depends on what you want to get out of it.

In my reasonably uninformed opinion, I think the opening (pre-drums) sounds cool as a more dynamic section, although I’ll always compress the vocals to even out the performance a little bit. Once the drums and everything else come in I think it could benefit from bus compression, definitely the vocals and most likely the drums. The vocals jump out in spots and there will be little peaks here n’ there that should be dealt with.

I will say though, sounds pretty good as-is, but a little more control never hurt anyone!

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Hi Blair
I am at a loss for mixing and usually make things sound much worse after messing. That is why I went back a few years and selected this oldie. I check and found out that the only thing I did was EQ and some stock reverb. I don’t know what buss compression is, but will youtube that. What I have done in the past was to chop the track where I saw a low volume and bump it slightly. Especially on vocals.

Thanks for taking the time. This gives me something new to learn. Well at least try learning.


I would start with some gentle compression on the vocal and the drum bus. As blair suggested a little on the master bus would be good followed by a little limiting with something like the wall by boz. than a and b with the way it is now. Good song by the way. If you play around with it for a bit you will start to hear differences and decide what you like.

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I thought I would wait for a few comments and then dig in. BTW, studio one has a limiter, is the one Boz has better. If so I will get it? You would think EZ drummer would have compression built in. When I turn up the drums so they sound good, the meter spikes about 4db over the top in places? Oh well.

thanks Eric

The studio one will do for now. but yes i do love the wall by Boz.

yeah just through a compressor on that track on bus and try it. What do you have for compressors?

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Hi Eric I just have the standard one in studio one. The selections are like…acoustic guitar strumming…drum bus …male vox 1,2,3,4 that sort of thing I usually just gab one and very seldom tweak it. ha ha

Cool little song there.Sounds a bit Neal young ish

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You are right on Alan. I have been told that before. Only difference is that he is rich. ha ha

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I really like the vibe at the start of the song!

The song could probably benefit from some vocal compression to smooth out the vocal track. There’s a few times where a small part of the vocal gets hidden at times and maybe some compression would help that.

There’s a few spots in the song where it sounds as though some of the timing is a bit loose. Gotta really pay attention to the beat when you’re tracking…BUT the feeling is there. This song has a nice moody vibe!

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You really 70?

Hi Wicked. Yes it is a consensus that I do at least some vocal compression. As far as timing issues, that has always been a problem even in our live band. Most often I get excited and take off. My drummer used to shake his head no and that was the signal that smoke on the water can’t take off. ha ha Glad you liked in and thanks much

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Ha ha Actually I am 70 3/4. A couple of weeks ago when our band was playing a freebie gig, I got down on my knees, ached my back and played a decent lead to Jon E B Goode. Little stiff Sunday morning tho.