This one's off line until I can finish it

I will finish and repost soon

Hey Mr F, been pretty busy, ya gotta give us a bit of time here! :smile:
I can’t place the tune but yeah that riff has been used. You write “inside the box” which is great and you do a very nice job of it but anything original riffwise inside the box is pretty rare, but keep on tryin’!

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Hi guy I have found that if nobody responds in a couple days, it is there way of just being nice, ha ha I forgot that other folks actually WORK. I put in 30 years teaching and that was enough.
I get all inspired cuz I think I have something unique, but then reality sets in. Just keep movin on I say. ha ha good to hear from ya bud

Another good one. I really like where you go with the growl in your voice in the lower parts in this one.