This morning's song from scratch...fading away

At coffee this morning with the guys I just mentioned I saw an old friend at the polls yesterday and he looked pretty tough. One friend said “have you looked in the mirror lately”? So I went home and did sneak up to the mirror and he was right.
I wrote some lyrics and put this together in about two hours. Very uplifting. I could hear the lyrics with the studio mackie speakers, but not so much with headphones?

Fading away

My face in the mirror is telling me I’m fading away…yes I’m fading away

Nobody has to tell me this…cuz i can see…yes i can see

(yeah right there in front of me)

The time has come to realize there’s little sparkle in my eyes

Just vagueness…uncertainty…a helplessness that has come to be

Just 25 thousand days we get…some were good but some I’ll regret

while fading away

This life has been a precious gift but I’m out of time

because I’m fading away

The time has come to realize there’s little sparkle in my eyes

Just vagueness…uncertainty…a helplessness that has come to be


For some reason, I hear Neil Young on this music.
Must be the harmonica!
This is really good, Paul!!!
I could hear the lyrics fine.
Well done, and another gem!!!


another beauty from you paul! love this.
hard to listen to this with a critic hat. Very soulful. Love the bells and whistles.

There is a little boomy-ness to the low end, the reverb is likely the culprit.
I would low shelf the vocals bus and cut some low end from the reverb.
That should already make the song breathe better.
Or a quick hack would be to slightly low shelf the whole mix around 60-90hz and

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Hi Michelle. You know I’m no “mixer” ha ha I usually only uae a slight delay called “sweeten the vocal” under the pluging of analog delays in studio one. It is set a 6.5 percent. I have jacked that a few times, but will have to look.
I recently have been using a limiter on the final mix called clean up and I see i don’t peg the meter anymore. I will try looking at the final mix and the resultant EQ there.
that mastering stuff scares me.
thanks for the listen and the help once again The best to you

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Take two. I just closed my eyes and cut the lows on the master just by ear. I know I might loose some kick and bass, but that area was flooded anyway. Just and experiment.
I also chopped some 200-350 off the main vocal. Another guess. Cut the reverb on the vocal from 10 to the normal 6.5. I still got 2.3 over on the final mixdown (message says are you sure) ha ha I couldn’t find it? thanks for your ears :slight_smile:

might have scooped just a tad too much in the low mids. just little nudge was needed. meet halfway? just enough to lower the boom at 90. A low shelf of 3db at 90hz would do

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A whistling song! Well, none of us are getting any younger. But I have great faith things will be good on the “other side”. Once again nice song, singing, guitar playing and…whistling! :slight_smile:

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Ha, bittersweet! Interesting that 25k days (never heard that analogy before) translates to about 68.5 years … so I guess you smacked that puppy down. Celebrations and regrets come with the territory. I think Nietzsche said “no regrets”, so don’t beat yourself up. We all sin, we all stray from the straight gate.

This has a very “ballad” story-telling vibe to it. The harmonica and other elements seem more Bob Dylan to me. Age takes its toll, no doubt, but wisdom and discernment are nothing to laugh at. The energy of youth is replaced by keen insight.

Oh, those harmony vocals at 2:30, near the end, are quite magical !!! It was hauntingly uplifting in an indescribably way.

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