This is Revolution

New song of mine - This Is Revolution. Clownpenis.fart Records. Clean, now that I added the abrut ending. Children can appreciate.

I hope Cpt. Fiasco finds time to listen to this, I think he would love it. I love the chaos. The snare sounds like a 2 cycle engine gone berserk, and propels the whole thing. It is impossible to bash this, since so much could be read into it. My only suggestion is that the composition stands for itself, and therefore does not need the comedy at the end. An abrupt ending would fit.
This is what my head sounds like when I get all worked up. Great job.

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Obviously it’s hard to give feedback on a song like this. I did actually listen to the whole thing. It’s like taking the idea of doing sound design and going on 100x. I do wish there was a little bit more of a melody, or even a hint of a melody at times to balance it out a bit.

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Good advice.

I’m a drummer, so I’m melodically challenged. My fault entirely.

Funny thing is I used samples from the LinnDrum (played them myself) on this track. Obviously that part going 1550 BPM at the end was edited. I actually played the whole thing at 120 BPM, and the ramped it up during the rests a little at a time. There’s no way you’d recognize it was LinnDrum because I processed it so much.

You trying to get me the mental help I need means the world.

Yo, Boz. I’ve been meaning to ask you if I can sample some of your speech from plug in videos to make a song called Bozzy Bosbourne - Blizzard of Boz.

This would be good in the new ‘IT’ film.
As the clown chases people down the street with a knife!
The rapid drumming near the end where he is stabbing them lol.
Yep, you’ve excelled yourself!
Good work.

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Infact , find the trailer and make this the soundtrack! I bet it works a treat!!!

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Let me ask my lawyer really quick…

Yeah, I go for it.

Ha! I won’t let you down. Or maybe I will. I hope not. Getting started now.

Hi The intro makes me see sci-fi…an invasion of sorts. Ok, there are thousands of them and we are so few…



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Hey feaker! The beginning actually comes from a recording I made campaigning for student government in Junior High. I accused our school of being a communist dictatorship over the intercom and had to have a talk with the principal afterwards. If I can find the speech, I’ll post it.

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@cptfiasco OVER HERE!

This is good. I lost focus in the acceleration at the end (probably just me), but other than that it worked well.

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This had way more power then it needed. But to be revolutionary it may be necessary?

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I thought it was a powerload but not overdone. Fiascotastic.

This song has a lot of energy! I like the ambient and unique effects. It makes me think of a super difficult boss fight in a video game.