This is much more difficult than I thought

This is much more difficult than I thought
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My wife got this at an auction last night for $50 – great condition, made by Hohner, sounds good, every thing works. Since I can somewhat play keyboards, I thought “I can do this” but no – it is crazy hard to figure out, you have to be half drummer or something to keep the bellows going…

Anybody out there play accordion?


Wow, looks like a classic instrument. No clue about playing one though! Good luck-- and good luck to your wife and anyone else within earshot as you get the hang of it! :grinning:

Reminds me of that old joke. Q: What’s the difference between an onion and an accordion? A: Nobody cries when you cut up an accordion. Ba-doom-fsssss!


I have no clue how to play one, but I have an appreciation for people that are skilled at it. That particular one is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. I expect to start hearing some samples soon!!!

PS - Please don’t play polka on it :stuck_out_tongue:


I went to school with a man who can. James Fearnley (The Pogues)


Ahh cool! I tried to play one years ago and found it really tricky… like patting your head and rubbing your tummy? It was the coordination thing that tricksed me out… remembering to pump as you played… I guess it’s a practice thingy? Plus figuring out the buttons as well as the keys… Fun!!!


I owned one many years ago. I think it was Gabbanelli. Those things are probably worth a lot of money in good condition so it looks like you got a heck of a deal! Mine was given to me by a relative who inherited it from a deceased family member. They gave it to me because I was a musician. :open_mouth:

I tried to play it for awhile, but yeah it’s too frickin complicated to try to do all those things. I’d say you’ll need lessons from a pro, even to get started with it. Those keys are huge! I don’t remember mine having keys as long as those, more like a standard keyboard. Maybe if you watch enough YouTube videos and practice a lot you might get the hang of it. You’d probably have to break it down and practice one skill at a time until each skill is comfortable, then combine them. Press one key and just work on the bellows, for instance. IIRC, the buttons are for chords, and the keys are for melody.

My memory is dim, but either I advertised or sold the Gabbanelli for $600. I think that’s what I asked, but a husband/wife couple showed up as the only prospective buyers and they wouldn’t pay my asking price (based on some research I did). They probably offered me a few hundred. They both played accordion very well, and were well informed of the value perhaps. Or they were good negotiators. :eyes:

The Gabbanelli was Italian made IIRC, and very sophisticated looking. I have no idea how that would compare to yours and how that might impact the value.

Maybe this will be helpful:

EDIT: They use accordions a lot in Mexican music, as well as polka of course. If you decide to resell it you might try those types of markets.


Nice thing ! Good brand in any case :slight_smile:

My mom plays it pretty wel, and if I watch here play it, it looks a lot like a singer takes on his score. Think like a singer in terms of breathing, might help you out. But then the bass tones are still a mistrety to me :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Good luck


Had a student who was brilliant at the accordion - I tried it. Forget it. Push pull on the bellows, play keyboard and then accompany that by pressing combinations of buttons. I can’t do one of those things well let alone all together in a musical way…


gotta learn it step by step :slight_smile: And you’ll be surprised how fast you can play a song. At least is some one explains the steps well :stuck_out_tongue:


Im a cheater :frowning:


Both my dad and my wife have played them in the past. Takes some practice just like anything. We don’t have one right now but i after seeing this i am wanting another one in the house. I hope you have fun with it.


@redworks Yep, I’m kinda thinking this could be a fun thing to explore more…


I also would really like a harmonium in the house.


Never played one but what a cool instrument to have in your arsenal


Nice find! If it plays in tune, you’ve got a winner.
The bellows action is the key to making that puppy play. Just like the right hand on a violin.
Just work the bellows while playing block chords and don’t worry about anything else for a while.
I never got much past that myself other than doing a little zydeco chops on a recording. D# is your friend… :slight_smile:have fun


I’m from Wisconsin, so we’re thick with accordion players here.
Looking at the floral pattern, it may have been made in Colorado. :smiley:


Well, ain’t that a coincidence!
I just wrote a song with accordion (played on a Trinity synth unfortunately) and I am looking for someone who plays the real thing to get a better sound.
So, if anyone is interested and able send me a message!


The key (at least for me) was to get the rhythm of the breath first (move the bellows and get it in your head how it works. Once you’re doing that start adding keys (or chords) whichever you’d prefer. Once you’re comfortable there, switch and do chords (or keys) whichever you didn’t…After that it only takes a bit more practice to get it all together. Haven’t played since high school ('78), but I bet you can still learn the way I did. Take a couple days to get the bellows working like you need to. Take a few more to add in one, a few more days for the other, and then about two weeks to stop stopping when you’re doing all three. I had the advantage of having played a chord organ* before I started to learn…the chord organs had a blower that let you NOT run the bellows…