This evenings mix ,Queens'thelvnguage: 'Kings And Queens'

This evenings mix ,Queens'thelvnguage: 'Kings And Queens'


Here we go


Nice - Only listening on fairly unfamiliar headphones, but it all sounds pretty cool. I really like the drum sound.

It might be these headphones, but the rhythm guitar feels like it might be competing with the vocal at times for frequency space. Perhaps the vocal could go a little louder.

The only other thing was the tuning on the vocals - I’m guessing that might have been “baked in” to the raw multitracks already, but it just caught my ear as being a little too noticeable for the genre.

Cool track!


I’d pull the volume of the guitar in the right channel down a couple dB.


Re mixed it .


Two thumbs up. The singer reminds me of the singer of the band Fun.


Mixed again, think its ok