This Ain't Your Song, new mix

Hey guys,
I’ve uploaded this before some years ago maybe, but listening to it recently made me start it all over again from square one.
This is what I’ve come up with so far.
What do you think?


Thank you for the review! Now your song: You are from Greece? You sound very American to me (I live near Los Angeles). This song has a country flavor for me, even if your vocals don’t have loads of twang. The mix sounds excellent to me. The song itself, the vocals, and instrumentals are all very well done; sounds professional to me. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear this on the radio. Nice job! :slight_smile: Maybe you’re not into this guitarist, but you are clearly an IK dude. Have any fearless predictions when IK Multimedia Joe Satriani will come out?

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Hey George, great song - really well written.

I particularly like the adventurous chordal flavors. The ear-turning progressions and melodies really set it apart from typical paint-by-numbers country pop.

The performances and tones are excellent too. I’m listening on headphones so I can’t give a super detailed critique, but it all sounds pretty spot on to me.

BTW I love the sound of that kick drum - Is there an electronic element to it? (ie layered sample?)

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Thank you Aaron for your kind words.
Yes, I’m from Greece. English lessons and english/american songs helped me with the language. I guess my passion to understand what the songs I loved as a kid were talking about, made me learn the language. I wish my accent would keep up as well! :grin:
Unfortunattely I don’t know anything about the IK Satriani. In fact I won that competition more than 2 years ago and I only started using TRacks a few months ago when I purchased Cubase 10. Man, I’ve been missing out all that time!
There are some pretty amazing stuff in there!

Always a pleasure to hear your critique Andrew!
I’m really glad you like the performances because under lockdown away from my studio, I had to work with what I had already recorded at the time…

Everything but the vocals & guitars is a sample.
The kick is actually a blend of two kick samples. Until the first chorus they are both from Cubase’s Groove agent library (stock in Cubase). One with more sub and the other a bit more bite. If you want to know their names exactly, I can check and let you know. Or I can record a sample and send it to you since you don’t use Cubase if I remember correctly)
After the 1st chorus I keep the sub kick and replace the 2nd kick with a sample I got from Hardcore Mixing with a bit more bite and high end. I can send you this one as well!

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Nicely done. In the first verse I am feeling like the reverb is making the vocals feel boxy. It is fine once things get going. I am wondering if it might be worth automating out a little verb during the verses? That is definitely a taste thing so others will probably disagree. Thanks for sharing

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This is beautiful. Wow. Very touching. Love your voice. No accent here, baby. This is perfect.

Is this an original? I really like this. Nicely performed. Great lyrics. Catchy.

I’m curious about the kick? Is there a gated sine wave in the kick?


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Realy glad you liked it Tesgin!
Thank you for your kind words!
Yes, this is an original written and performed by me except for the guitars played by Dimitris Michalis of the Smith n’ Weston band.
If you want to check them out, here they are:

See my answer to ColdroomStudios about the kick.
I’ll record and upload the samples here.

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@ColdRoomStudio @Tesgin

Uploaded the 3 kicks used in that song.

The 3rd one (Sub Kick) plays throughout the entire song.
The 2nd one (High Kick) plays along with the 3rd until the 1st chorus.
The 1st one (Hardcore Mixing sample) starts playing along with the 3rd at the first chorus until the end. And I high passed it in order to only get the “smack” of it.


Way cool, @ManAbyss. Beautiful song. Love the arrangement, instrumentation, organization, lyrics.

So, question for you. I’d enjoy taking my hand at mixing this, if you were open to it. Just for the fun of it! :slight_smile: I wouldn’t do anything with it outside of posting it back on IRD just for bashing.

And, please feel no obligation. I wouldn’t be at all offended if that didn’t feel okay with you.

Hi @Tesgin. Ok let’s do it!
I’ll send you a pm for the details.

Listening to their album now. Curious: did you mix this perchance? I like their sound.

This was recorded and mixed by themselves (Dimitris mainly) in their home studio!