There's gotta be one...wondering about lyrics and levels

There's gotta be one...wondering about lyrics and levels

I started this last week. It is a terrible thing to admit, but i was having coffee with my buds last week when in walked an absolute beautiful gal. Of course there was gawking going on. (shameful) In walks the boyfriend. Then I heard from one of the guys. “wow shat does she see in him” ? I went into song mode. I am not good at levels or lyrics that many times don’t make perfect sense. Love to hear your thoughts.

There’s gotta be somethin

(Asus2) She picked me …… what was she… thinkin of (Dsus2)
…cuz I’m not very special at all (Asus2))………not good
(Dsus2) lookin no I’m not even close to tall (Asus2)
(E) on top of a mountain … I’m hopin that I’m not gonna fall (Asus2)

I look in the mirror … I wonder why …did she F G Pre
fall in love with this average guy cuz F G

I might not be pretty… I might not be cool…If D A chorus
I thought I was adorable well I’d be a fool G A
There’s gotta be somethin…sometnin bout me D A
Gotta be something… something I can’t see G A D

Confidence…it’s nuthin that I ever had… I ain’t never even been kissed
She’s so close now…an opportunity I can’t miss
My heart is just poundin…I’ve never known a moment like this
F#m E F#m
I guess it doesn’t matter…the way that I feel…my heart keeps tellin me that for sure it’s real
I guess it don’t matter all the reasons why…as long as I can look in those beautiful eyes

This one is very nice, it fits your voice and delivery, and by playing the guitar in the upper register there’s no clashing going on.
Nothing wrong with the lyrics, it just needs to be filled in a little bit.

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Hey Bob Yeah this was a quicky. I am very poor at any lead work. I played (and still do) play rhythm in our band. We have a guy that is scary good at shreddin. Getting him to go back to the verse again sometimes takes a shin kick. That chord might be a A sus or something in that neighborhood. thanks for the BS session bud

Hey, you just wrote my theme song hahaha. Seriously, lyrics are well put together and the mix sounds pretty damn sweet from where I’m sitting, no complaints here.
Nice work Paul.

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Hi HT Yeah I try to cover subject matter that hasn’t been overworked. Not sure if anyone has thought of why this “out of my league” gal likes me scenario. Much to add in the dead spots. I have another started, so I am torn between this, creepy clown, and this new one. thanks for your 2 cents

Hey Paul,
It’s amazing you can still write a song as if you were 15. I guess at heart we never really get much older. Made me smile too.
I loved the line:

I can just picture you next to this long tall beauty…
And the last line
"I guess it doesn’t matter all the reasons why
as long as I can look in those beautiful eyes "
is so sweet.

The music is secondary to the lyrics here I think. It fits them well.

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Hey Evert. I kept changing the words so they would flow. I had ten different lyric sheets ripped up before it was over. I focus to much on rhyme also. I usually go to “rhyme zone” to find something that will fit. I had to think of different things that would make him seem un-hunkly “I’m not even close to tall” ha ha
My allergies are so bad i had to sing three tracks and copy and paste the best of them. Hard to do.
I have a lot to do yet. I need an acoustic track to pick up some lows. The one I had was finger picked and filled with errors…Tonight I will redo that. TMI I know
thanks for listening and encouragement

Beautiful! Great stuff once again, Paul.

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Sweet sounding song, Paul. You tend to be really good at writing sweet, soft and innocent sounding music. This ain’t no killer clown music. :clown_face: Nice job, man !

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Hi Mr W Sweet songs are ok I guess, but after I go back and listen to what I have done over the years, they all sound pretty much the same. Kinda in a rut thangy. love the clown face…I just thought of a good ending for that…back to the studio…thanks for the listen

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I will never figure out most women’s taste in men. Fortunately, my wife finds me attractive. Your song is very pleasant. Very nice audio quality, melodies, lyrics, and performance(s). My only minor gripe: the song ending is a bit abrupt with a quick fadeout. Perhaps end the song with a long ringing guitar chord?

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Hey aaron I will extend that ending. You are correct. The fills are also lame. I’m on it. Best to you.