The Wall by Boz on Sale for $29!

I just saw this one! Lot’s of options but easy to set up and very friendly on the CPU.

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best limiter i have ever used. I love it.

I should mention that it’s coming off sale today because there’s a new plugin coming out tomorrow.

That’s it?? That’s all we get? No teaser? No naming contest? Nadda? You could at least show us a pic or sumthin’… :sunglasses:

It’s Sasquatch 2, so I unfortunately couldn’t really do a naming contest. I guess I could have done a contest, but Sasquatch 2 would have won.

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Ahhhh… Yeti? :grin:

…and what a great name it is! :wink:

Did you come up with the name? It’s been so long I forgot.

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You know, it’s been so long, you have me second-guessing myself! :thinking:… but yes, I do remember there being a naming competition and winning it (to my great surprise, btw) - I still have my free copy of SKM to prove it!.. and it is an awesome plugin! :+1:

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ooh I had completely forgotten my sasquatch song… was that a separate competition? Hmm,
must dig that out and listen to it again…