The Tracks

The Tracks
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Here is the link to the tracks for the IK Multimedia T-Racks Mix Contest. enjoy! :beerbanger:

Tracks were recorded at 44.1kHz and 24bit

Below is a link to the chord chart and lyrics. Thanks to @Jonathan for helping with this!

Wasteland v1 11-17-17.pdf


Rock and roll. This will be a fun journey with a cool tune.


I’m so excited to mix this song :heart_eyes:


Welcome brethren. May I offer you a frothy beverage composed of our enemy’s tears?


a beer? :heart_eyes:


Hey, @Cristina, I’m wondering if you happen to have unprocessed, effects-less versions of those tracks that have them embedded. For example, the lead vocal and 2 of the bgv tracks are dry, but the “BG 2” track has a lot of reverb on it. Similarly, most of the guitar tracks have reverbs and/or delays built in as well. The drum and piano wavs are also processed, but you provided the midi tracks so those can be adjusted to suit.

I understand that the tracks may have been recorded this way and that there’s no stripping away the added effects, but just thought I’d ask…! Opens up lots more possibilities without some of those baked-in effects choices. Thanks for providing your work for us to abuse! :grin:


If one of the vocal tracks has reverb on it, that’s a mistake. For the guitar tracks, I took off all of the effects that I could, so what you have is how it was recorded. And yeah, the Abbey Road drummer instrument has a built-in mixer, and I didn’t turn that off when I bounced the tracks. It’s a tough call because it really changes the character of the drums. Same kind of deal with the piano, that I decided to leave the effects built into the virtual instrument on, and turn the other ones off. I knew it would the contest would be about the production as well as the mixing, so I felt like people could just re-record stuff or use different virtual instruments or whatever. I even included a guitar track (possibly 2, can’t remember) that I ended up muting in my own mix, just to give some more ideas for the production.

I will look at that background vocal though. Thanks for the heads up!


@Chordwainer you’re right that track had a reverb still on it. Whoops! Here’s the dry track:



Anyone know the BPM of this song?


It’s on the top of the sheet music that @Jonathan provided for us. I want to say it was 114?




I didn’t actually look at the session…I used the online tempo tapper… @Cristina, can you confirm?


114 is embedded in the zip package… definitely 114.




I feel awkward to mix this song. It has been so long , I wonder if the bike’s seat still has my impressions? Les redux mon pettitty pois ! (My french is as sweaty as my mixing)


Come on, Captain. I believe in you bubba.