The Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone

Has anyone had any experience with the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Mic? There is a waiting list for them and I was going to order one but I wonder if anyone has any input on them before I did.


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one of my friends has that, its similar to other high end large diaphragms , except I think it has 2 sides and you can shape the polar pattern using the software. tbh I couldnt tell the difference in a blind test between that and a standard cardioid pattern mic. I did like the handyness of the mic to change to suit a purpose. Though I think a good dedicated mic that serves a single purpose could do a better job for that purpose. So yeah… Its upto you as to how much flexibility you want . I wouldnt travel with it though, way too expensive for the flexibility it offers.

There is actually a free proximity plugin that can emulate the proximity feature of that mic. @miked introduced me to it and more I learn it, more I like it lately (the plugin).

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Thanks for the input and feedback. I have a UAD apollo so I chose the mic based on the software that UAD has for that mic. It seems to be well suited for the apollo interface and UAD did a great job in setting up the software with the mic from what I have seen in video reviews on it. I will have to look into that emulate feature, sounds interesting.

Thanks again for the feedback :blush: