The thrill is gone

Got back a couple of days ago from Texas to our Michigan home. Three days of 80 dereees and two inches of snow today. Anyhow the weather kept me inside, so i wrote this last night and threw it together today. There is something wrong with the vocal. Not sure what. Anyhow a first take of another love faded away.

Second take with more vocal harmony and second vocal singing left running.

The thrill is gone ….capo to 2nd fret

There ain’t nuthin gonna slow me down and nuthins gonna change us around
Ain’t no blamin ain’t no shamin we’re just otta fun G A D Bm
Sorry dear but I just gotta run G A D

I ain’t got no one waitin down the line… our lack of luvin totally a sign
What’s the use in hangin on….pretending we were fine G A D Bm
We know we’d reached the end… of the line G A D

The thrill was gone we let it slide there just was nothing left Bm F#m G A D
The thrill was gone we’re movin on we know it’s for the best

Not quite sure what I’ll be doin out there
the truth be known the past I’ll have to wear
Will i ever love again… the thought brings me a scare D A G Bm
With heavy heart…right now I do not care G A D

Comfortable so mindless. a dull feeling emptiness.
Hidden away for so long Esus C#m7
ignoring all the obvious.blinded to this hidden mess how could we been so wrong
G B7…E

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I love the first recording, your vocals sound really good on this recording.
Very nice writing, and it sounds so good, congrats on this beautiful song!!!
Wow, two inches of snow. Unbelievable shifts in your weather experience!
Always good to be back home, where the love and music thrive!!!
Pls stray inside, stay well and keep healthy!!!
Respect and love,

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Thank you for the reviews! Listening to the second take. Is that an auto-wah on the lead guitar? It is interesting. This seems like a more-elaborate-than-usual production for feaker, which is fine by me! It all sounds quite good to me! Nice recording per usual. :slight_smile:

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