The Six Figure Home Studio - training course thingy

Anyone else looked at or heard of this stuff by chance?

I’ve been poking around on there for a week or so… I’ve read throughs some of the materials and watched a few videos. Brian Hood’s blog and newsletters are interesting to read if you’re looking for tips on marketing and business in general.

I’ve noticed many of the the concepts can be applied across the board in all areas of entertainment. You could take these same principals and build a car repair or scuba diving business with it, but its very interesting to see them applied to recording arts. I’ve been revisiting the business model and strategizing on how to go after the game audio design market. But I have to say there are very few resources out there that train studio owners how to grow a company. Its pretty neat.

I don’t agree with everything he teaches, but its certainly been worth my time to look over.

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I could probably build a recording studio business worth $100k…

If you gave me $500k :sunglasses:


This looks pretty cool, thanks! From what I can tell there’s a lot of free content, and then he has some courses that can be purchased. Nice mix of free/paid content.

  • Usually the “Six Figure” slogan turns me off immediately, as a lot of people use/abuse the phrase, and it seems to be associated with get-rich-quick schemes. I don’t see where he talks about it beyond the website name and header. It seems like he’s just teaching business development and success.