The rules

You must be at least a Trust Level 1 user to be able to submit a mix for review. To achieve a Trust Level 1, just join the conversations on here. When you’ve replied to or started threads 15 times, you’ll be there. Introducer yourself, give input on mixes, talk about what your band is up to. Have fun! You’ll be there in no time.

If everyone would review a song or two before posting a song themselves it would dramatically increase the chances that your own song/mix will get plenty of attention.

What If I’m Not Qualified To Bash A Mix?
That’s garbage. If you don’t have an opinion about music, you’ve chosen the wrong hobby/craft/profession. Just because you may not speak the technical lingo does not mean that you can’t voice your opinion about some aspect of the recording.

I’m of the opinion that comments like “what if you double times the drums in the chorus?” are just as valuable as “I’d cut 3dB @ 80Hz in the bass”.

Just get in there and review some tunes!

Bash This Recording
Sounds harsh, but it comes from our friend Brandon at Recording Review and the name is all in good fun. In reality, this is a great crowd of fellow engineers and musicians that are all trying to help create the best finished product possible. Please keep that in mind when you are reading responses to your posts and also be mindful of that when you are posting reviews and advice.
We’re all on the same team :wink:


I really like your attitude about supporting original music and the style in which you conduct this blog. I look forward to learning more about how to enhance my recordings, be it that they are in their inchoate stages right now. I am a late bloomer to creating music this way but I am having a blast creating in my bedroom closet!

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Well said, I am feeling encouraged to move forward with this adventure!

It’s awesome to have you here! Looking forward to hearing your work and talking to you on here as you learn!! Hit us up with ANY questions you have along the way! :+1:

Thanks. Looking forward to participating.