The Roose is Loose

You’re all really in for it now.

I’m Roose Groose and I’m on the loose. Nothing can stop me now.

My hobbies include being on the loose, jumping off of high buildings, and listening to recorded sound (as well as recording it, hence the sudden appearance on this forum).

I was invited here by my good buddy, CPF, so blame him for everything that will happen in the future. I’m 38 and hate children.


Don’t you blame this shit on me, mister. I’d like to introduce you to a few of my pals that you don’t know in person already.

@Wicked - my perverted Canadian best friend/gay lover.

@bozmillar - famous audio plug in creator and my faithful spouse for many months.

@Emma - an eclectic New Zealand gal that writes the most praised material on here.

@ikmultimedia - an AI user that is a hive mind of all the IKmultimedia workers. Take this user down, and the whole company goes under.

@holster - the man who brings us all together and gives us structure. LOVE you Bryan. He also knows karate.

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I’ll blame whatever I want on you. They all sound like lovely people and I’d be happy to meet them.

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I am a living example of dianetics! This man will singlehandedly win the mix contest.

Hi there Roose,
Welcome to this vale of lovely people - I’m sure you’ll fit right in!!!


Hey man. Welcome to the forum!!

Great to have you aboard! Let us know if you have any questions!!

Pleased to meet you. Welcome aboard the crazy train.

Where did you first meet CPF? Please don’t tell me that you were introduced to him in the loony bin!:crazy_face::eyes:

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I’ve known CPF ever since he walked into the gay strip club I was a dancer for. What a crazy time that was in my life.

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You were the prettiest dancer in the club, I just had to lay down the dollars when you poured that cooking oil all over yourself.

Jesus Christ, CPF. It was olive oil, not cooking oil.

It was dark in there, it was hard to tell, I don’t need your derision!

Hopefully not too dark

Extra Virgin, not the cheap stuff, right? FWIW… Welcome! :laughing:

High class, straight from Florence

That was the most expensive erection I ever sported.

I believe it was $13,370.99 in total.

It was worth every penny.

Welcome Roose The unstoppable Groose!