The Planet of the Slaves- Final Mixed/Mastered Version + [lyric vid]

Brand new track all done and dusted. Even made a simple lyric vid while the homie was mixing, because why the hell not.
Thanks again to everyone who gave advice, feedback and input along the way, I truly valued it, and took it all on board.
Peace \m/

Final Version:

Sounds great, all elements seem to fit and are balanced. Helps me to understand what you had in mind. Being a guitarist I might have messed with the solo a bit but highly unlikely I could have improved it, you know how that goes :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ingolee, yes I think the balance is pretty good, and the mix seems to convey the intent of my original vision.

Yes i know all too well haha.
For once (maybe ever) there’s nothing I really want to change about this track, and am fairly well happy to actually call it ‘finished’.
Cheers mate.

Wow, you blew this up into a monster track exactly the way I was hoping you would. The singer is a gem…hold onto him for dear life!

All the parts work and sound great. Love the lead guitar tone and the playing. The acoustic stuff fit really well and was a nice touch. This song moves the listener in a lot of different directions which is good. It also keeps interest throughout. I’d buy an album of this stuff in a heartbeat.

You really did well on everything. Nothing sticks out to me to where I’d say “oh man, why on earth did he do that!?” I’m also not as critical on things as I used to be because 3 things we have to keep in mind are…this ain’t our baby, you’re totally happy with it and its done.

Accepting what you did here is accepting your art. That’s what makes it beautiful. I’d be doing you a disservice trying to inject my vision into yours at this point. You should be really proud of this track. You can hear and feel all the work that went into it.

It was also nice to hear how you built this in the other thread adding things a little at a time. The vocals were really good but whew…in this final version, you guys totally nailed everything! I know the vocal snip you shared before was in the early stages. It was still good. But wow what you turned it into…amazing work all across the board, Terry. I’m truly impressed and am glad you shared this.


Haha, yeah it sure took a left turn from where I’d initially envisioned but I think the destination was a pleasant surprise.
In regards to Brad the vocalist, yeah he’s a super talented cat, and really easy to work with so it makes the process pretty smooth.
As long as he’s happy to continue working together, I’ll keep employing his services that’s for sure.

To be honest it doesn’t bother me all that much hearing criticism, even after the fact, actually from a personal perspective I believe it helps me grow more as a writer and producer hearing productive input that is more on the critical side as opposed to people holding back for fear of hurting your feelings.
Actually after sitting back and listening with a more critical ear there’s a section at around 1:08 where the distorted guitars come back in, and they’re ever so slightly behind the beat and it’s annoying the shit out of me, and I’m not sure how the hell I missed it :joy:
There’s a few tom hits that are quite buried in the mix too, which I’d remedy given another chance.
There’s a lesson kids, listen, listen and then listen again before you give final approval to your mix engineer. Patience was never one of my strengths unfortunately :unamused:

I don’t get too precious about the whole process, at the end of the day it’s just a shitty song that i wrote 10 years ago that ended up on the shelf, and I decided to pull it back off again and attempt to make it a little less shitty :grinning:
But i do appreciate your kind words, I am proud that with the help of some amazing players we managed to finally get it over the finish line after all this time.
Always feels good to ‘finish’ a tune, for sure.

Thanks again Danny, it was great to get your feedback along the way, as well as you taking the time to share your thoughts at the end, it’s much appreciated brother.

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Not a problem, Terry! Ah, allow me to elaborate on the criticism thing as I feel you may have misunderstood some of what I meant.

If you were to ask us to listen and give our take, I’d prefer to answer something like that BEFORE the song is done. To me personally, (and I speak for myself only and am not silently thinking of anyone) when someone tells me something is done, I’d rather share in their happiness and take in their art the way they intended it. Make more sense now? It’s like telling Rembrandt “I would have used a different red there” instead of just enjoying the red he chose.

What I also meant by less critical, was the longer you’re in this field, the more you open yourself up to things that may just have a little dirt under the nails. Truth be told, the engineering field has hurt my listening experience as much as it’s helped me.

It’s like, doesn’t it suck to be so critical of everything you hear that you sometimes lose sight of actually being a f$%^ing music lover? Do you ever get tired of listening for sounds or wind up hating songs that are good because the production annoys you? Lmao!

I can’t see any of us that take this field seriously not feeling that way. I could be wrong…but man, sometimes I just want to listen to music and embrace the whole package. It’s nice to shut the critical brain down and live the music the way the artist intended instead of creating a vision of your own.

It was nice to just enjoy your song without being the anal retentive, subjective engineer prick I can be. So ya see what I meant now? Lol! We sometimes listen to criticism where it’s really just subjective opinion more times than not.

I get what you mean also with crits. Sometimes they CAN make you grow. Other times, they can just plain rain on your parade when they don’t have to. “Consider the source” has always been my rule of thumb there.

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I’m hearing ya, 1000%

Man at the end of the day, objectively, if nothing poked out to you in a negative way, that’s good enough for me, and I’ll take that all day long that the job was accomplished sufficiently.

Absolutely agree. I welcome it all, but being able to discern where it’s coming from is most definitely key to whether you implement or discard.
Thanks again mate.

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The Monster is alive, great job. Anyone nitpicking this is really trying too hard to get their subjectivity involved, which is, as Danny said, a side effect of being in the music business at any and all levels.

I honestly think if you can get yourself into “casual listener mode” whenever you’re making decisions about your own stuff it really helps. You are still going to obsess over details no casual listener will notice, but you might also give yourself a little slack when you’ve reached the point that any further attempt at improving a finished track is superfluous.

To me, you kept my interest for almost 5 minutes in a genre that isn’t in my wheelhouse, and there are a number of very bright flashes throughout the composition that show a professionalism that is really hard to find on anything but big time productions. You deserve a lot of credit.

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Yep true, and as you say we ALL do it. And as musicians and producers in particular, our ears hear things in a different way, and that’s not always a good thing.

I do attempt the ‘casual listener trick’, and I’ll stand up or walk around in the studio while the track’s playing, but I do find it quite difficult to disassociate myself, especially when the track is still fresh in your producer-brain.
Which is why I find places like this and the talented folk within so invaluable.
Walking away is sometimes the best thing to do. I actually remember listening to the dude from Kush Audio talking about this, and he said once he’s finished a track he’ll literally remove it from his files and give the masters to a friend or something to take away the temptation to go back in and start fucking with things at a later date.

Well I appreciate that man, especially considering it IS rather long and it isn’t typically your type of genre.
Thanks a lot Bob.