The opposite of caffeine song..possibly done

My songs are starting to sound all alike. ha ha Capo 2 1st chord second fret four smallest strings bar (some kinda maj7) then second chord all open same strings? ruff demo
update #1 removed the DI ac track because I used a pick and it wasn’t working and added prs in it’s place…need some more fills now
update #2 cleaned up a bit…added some fills…resung bad spots…added drums

Time to move on capo 2

I’ve been waiting patiently ….for you to come on home maj 7 open

Days have turned …to weeks and more ….nothin on my phone

I don’t like being alone A

Relationships need a little space. That’s what you said. I’m starting to think.

you found someone else. Yur lyin there warm in his bed Fmaj7 Cmaj7 G

Time to move on…the hurt is gone …forget about you…gonna sing a new song C G F G…C

Time to move on…the hurt is gone…gotta be someone help me move along

When I’m alone… sad thoughts of you …wonder what I did or said

I Sometimes pretend… but those feelings are dead

Like these cold sheets in this bed A


Another excellent tune, Paul! Great chord progression. Very simple but extremely effective arrangement. Perfectly judged harmonies. Very nicely done!

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Very sweet and pretty song, which is then contrasted with what sound like some fairly painful lyrics. There is some melancholy (?) in your voice though, which tilts toward the lyrical theme.

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Hi Andy. I never know if a track will sound decent to someone else. I do value initial comments on a demo tho. Knowing it is acceptable, now I will dig in and make it more interesting. Just strumming along doesn’t make it as you know.
To me, it always sounds better in my lazy boy recliner. Then when I go to the studio, nothing flows as well. I wish I could strum and sing at the same time. Going back and adding the vocal to a click track sucks.
I got that feel from Rene and those America tunes. I played the chords backwards to Ventura Highway. I think the major seventh is last in that one. ha ha
thanks for the comments and listen…love to hear a new one from you

STM’s take on a song is always very interesting. I value that. I have no idea what I am going to sing about each time. I play the chords and then start jotting down words. I would love to build a song from someone else’s lyric sheet.
I have 4 bvg’s in they are hardly noticeable. Gotta get them to shine but not overwhelm.
take care friend and thanks

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Hi feaker,
This sounds like my song.
And I thought I heard the Bread has a song sounding similar, hahahaha.
Beautiful chord progressions, are timeless, and can be interpreted in so many ways.
This is you, this is your mark, keep making them good songs!
Keep 'em coming.

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Hi Rene I had to go back and play your video and see where those similarities might be. I do see the second fret barred chord ha ha but I have 3 major sevenths to beat you I think. Your song is so much better on all fronts. I am a quantity not quality kinda guy.
Just livin the moment. peace love and Maj7 chords to you

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Hi feaker, The sounds I hear are in my ear that are trained to hear the melodies of my years, basically stuck in the 60s and the 70s. Maj7th are always very nice chords to the ear. The similarities I mentioned are not with my songs necessarily, but with the Bread particularly!
Living the moment is a beautiful thing!
Enjoy and have fun, and may I able to add to your joy in the moment!!!

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Thank you for the song reviews! Now your song: it sounds very pleasant and relaxing. The vocals fit the lyrical content nicely. Very good song. And the ending was not abrupt! Very good audio quality. :slight_smile:

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Another good track my man. I wasn’t sure about the chord change in the pre chorus, I guess I wasn’t expecting that particular chord, but I liked it after the first time.
Really like the guitar sound and the way those chords are splayed between a conventional chord and more arpeggiated chords.
Lyrics and vocals are outstanding. In fact, I think this is the best vocal I can recall of yours. I may be wrong as I recall some gut wrenching songs that your vocals were key in.
Really good tune and well mixed.

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Hi Daniel Good to see your face round these parts. ha ha I stay in Texas for the winter and hear that a lot.
I messed with that chord you are talking about, going through my memory of progressions I have used. I then sung an unusual note and went hunting for a chord that sorta worked. I am anything but conventional.
I based the song lyrics on a friends experience when his gal said she needed a break to “find herself”. She never did come on home. He soon found another.
Thanks for the kind words. My voice is failing with age, but my doc has me on a pill that cuts down on sinus crap and it is a help. Peace love and mega tracks

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I’ve heard you talk about this in the past. I would kindly argue that “failing” may not be the accurate word. I actually love your voice in your songs and feel like, in the intermittent times I’ve been here of late, that it is as good as ever. Of course, I am not really too sure, from memory, what it was like previous to health issues (I think COVID set it all off, correct?) but don’t mistake “different” to “bad”.

Listening to the lyrics, after the first verse or so, I thought it was about loss through death of someone close before it became a bit more clear as the song progressed. Again, really well done! All the best!

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