The One I Love, R.E.M. 1987

“The One I Love” is a song by American alternative rock band R.E.M. It was released on the band’s fifth full-length studio album, Document, and also as a 7" vinyl single in 1987.

In March 2005, Q magazine placed “The One I Love” at No. 57 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks. In 2012, Slant Magazine listed the song as the 38th best single of the 1980s.

This song is dedicated to all the girls I’ve loved before.
Of course to my lovely wife, Mimi, most especially!!!


Great version, Rene - Love your voice!

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like the way you started soft with chords and slowly brought the volume up. I know it’s not your style to do harmonies, but with “that voice” with a three part harmony on the word fire would explode with emotion. btw the vox was pure and pefect pitch
impressive there friend

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As always, thank you!!!
Love your comments.

Hi feaker,
Very nice recommendation.
I would love to have somebody else sing with me, “live”.
You are right, harmony on “fire” would have been an explosion.
You have a very musical ear, and have the ability to hear the magic of great symphony!!!
Thank you, as always, Paul!!!

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Great cover, great vocals, you seem to be more confident in your singing lately and it shows in your performances.

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Hi JayGee,
I am so glad to hear this feedback!!!
Thank you so much!

I like your honesty with that! :grin:

Your version is more mellow, and acoustic, and slower, of course. Your voice does really shine on this one again. It’s what makes the slower cadence work well. A bit of a departure from the original, which I have always liked, but you always seem to make things your own. That’s the mark of a true artist.

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Hi Stan,
Thank you for the great feedback.
I initially thought that this is a love song, but the words “a simple prop to occupy my time” is quite reversed.
Love your huge compliments.
With much respect,

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