The new Royer R10

I don’t get excited about getting new gear that often anymore. Mostly I feel non plused by everything coming down the pipe. This is mostly because I feel pretty darn well equipped. I am highly considering getting a pair of the R10’s. Back when I sold off my vintage Neumann KM84’s it was with the intent of getting something else. I really haven’t needed anything else though. I have about three cheap ribbon mics that I use for guitars(in combination with a 57) and room mics. These ribbons are good for vibe but not anything critical. I am also sure the ribbons are getting stretched in them as there are some weird resonant frequencies. Also, I have read that most cheap ribbon mics aren’t tensioned correctly.

The make a long story longer. I have been wanting to get some quality ribbons to replace these al’ cheapos. I couldn’t justify spending money on 121’s or coles because I don’t have that big of a gap in my mic collection and frankly I can live without them. $1000 for two quality ribbons though gets my attention. Anyone else here have the R10?

Just curious Paul, didn’t you go with Shure SM81’s to replace the KM84’s for OH’s? That was a long time ago on RR, but I clearly remember a conversation about it. I think you used them at least for awhile. Do you still use those or did you move on from them at some point?

Good memory Stan Here is how it went. I didn’t buy the sm-81’s to replace the 84’s. I had way too many mics so I sold off a bunch. I sold my 3, 414’s, km84’s, 421’s and a ton of others. I was using the 81’s “in the meantime” and as I’ve used these I’ve been completely happy. With room mic’s and guitar cabs, I am feeling the need to upgrade though.

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I wasn’t familiar with the R10, I guess it’s pretty new. Looks like a 5-star rating on Sweetwater:


Do you have a favorite preamp that you pair with your ribbons ? Ribbons usually require a preamp with a fair amount of gain.

I use my console preamps. They have worked out for me just fine. D&R boards are dead quiet. If I decide to get the Royers I will invest in a couple cloud lifters because I would expect to use them on more sources than the cheapos I currently use.

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