The Haunted - Preachers of Death

Hi guys,

I went at it again. This is a track that was on nail the mix a few months back but had no time then, so I gave it a shot now, in this is my effort for now.

A little info:
The huge reverb/snare fx was printed to a track, and there where a lot of nice room tracks which I actually used all. 3 mono’s and 2x L&R rooms. guitar was practically untouched.

Hope you enjoy !


Wow, Jelle. Nice job.

Grabs my attention immediately. Found myself listening intensely for something I don’t like; couldn’t find anything! Very strong mix (and I don’t even like Screamo!).


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Listening to it again (and I don’t even like Screamo!). I’m thinking more drums; maybe not everything, but at least the snare.

Again, really strong mix. Wish I could do that! :slight_smile:

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I think maybe the snare could use some less thump in the reverb and maybe a bit of a shelf in the highs ?

And thanks man :slight_smile: But I think you could with these kind of recordings. Here is a rough balans mix of the raw tracks with practically no tweaking yet.

Maybe that’s it. It would bring them to the front more, which is what I think I’m missing.

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I’ll give it a go :grin: