The girls what i want ,mix

Good track i think

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Oh, this song is well-known as a mixing exercice, so I listened to it many many times…
On your mix, I found many things odd to me (I may know the song and every tracks too much as well):

  • the arpeggio guitar sound very mid-heavy and too loud (it fights a bit the lead vocal)
  • synth and keyboard parts are really shy in the mix
  • BV aren’t strong enough and it seems that some are missing
  • drums are a bit low in the mix and sound mid-heavy as well, I wish something EQ’d more in the opposite direction

By the way, it’s a very different mix and direction you choose for this song, another bold decision from you!

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I like the clarity of the lead vocals and the choice of delay on it. I like the movement on the bass and it is coming through well. As mentioned by @ncls the drums are a bit thin and the guitars are a bit narrow and a bit boxed in compared to the strong vocals, a bit of panning and beefing up the instruments should fix it.The reverb choice isnt sitting well with this mix to my ears.


Ah, this brings back memories! I mixed this one way back in 2014 here - It was as fun mix too! Excellent recording!

Just listening on small speakers at work… Your mix sounds great, Alan!

I know the vocals are so good on this song that they could pretty much work without any instrumentation, but my preference would be to tuck the vocals down a little bit, as they are taking a little bit of power away from the band IMO. However, as @ncls mentioned the guitar fighting the vocal, I think if you allowed the guitar to make frequency space for the vocal, you could still keep the vocal nice and audible, but turn it down a little and create the impression of more power in the band.

I can’t remember correctly now, but I think I used the vocal to duck the guitar via sidechain compression on my mix.

Nice work!


Well, unlike the others, I’m not familiar with this song, but I LIKE it. :+1:t2:

Without reading any comments, I’m really liking your mix. It sits VERY nicely on my MBP 2019, which are not studio speakers by any stretch, but are as good as laptop speakers get. So, good test. And it presents quite well.

Balances are great. Love your bass. Guitars sound quite good. To my ears, I could stand for a little more presence on the guitars, at least in that solo at 2:20-ish. Not bad, but (well, now I did read comments), but I agree with @ncls that they are heavy in the mids.

I didn’t notice it on first listen, but again after reading the comments I definitely agree the drums could come up a bit and I’d love a bit more thump on the kick and would like to feel the snare a little more. BUT, remember, I’m on laptop speakers so take that with a grain of salt.

I LIKE this mix. You won me over enough that (whenever I have the time) I would love to give this one a try. Cambridge?

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Cheers everyone if i have another mix i will take all the comment in to consideration