The GAIN 2™ system by Ultradisc Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs

"Mobile Fidelity prepares for the future and introduces the GAIN 2™ system developed by an international team of engineers. This system consists of a custom tape head and hand made reproducer electronics achieving unprecedented bandwidth. Synergistically matched to a 2.8 MHz DSD A/D converter and precision down-converted to PCM for Ultradisc II releases."
This seems like an oversimplified description. Does anyone know with greater detail what these people do?

what people? A link would prevent me from having to search for something when I can’t tell from the post if it’s an actual product.

Sorry Boz, I thought the company was big enough but they did peak many years ago.

They specialize in high quality musical reissues from the master tape on 24kt gold discs or boner inducing heavy vinyl. Sometimes it’s hype and other times it’s a big improvement. They started off in the '70s making half-speed mastered vinyl of popular albums like Dark Side of the Moon and The Beatles catalog on special vinyl. They moved to CD and went gold with the Ultradisc, and made the Ultradisc II in the '90s with the Gain system, then developed a similar system for vinyl after shutting down after while. Check on their history page on that website.