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Hi everyone… I have ended up here courtesy of Brandon Drury. I’ve been The Frontliners’ Bassist for nearly 20 years now, and we’re still together! We spend most of our time recording originals, and occasionally gig playing covers too!

Looking forward to hearing from you all… Some of you might know me from the Audiopolis graveyard!


Hi Aliwyn :smiley: Welcome. Glad to have you!

Just out of curiosity…what happened to that last forum? How did it end up a graveyard? What went down there? Do you know?

Hi Jonathon… there are plenty of users on the Audiopolis site, but apathy has spread through the site, and there is a hard core of 2 still reviewing indie compositions on there. I did look into purchasing the site but the admin haven’t got back to me with a price! That would be myself and Steban. Recording Forum? I hardly had a chance to use that site before it got hacked!

There are a few refugees from Audiopolis that might have found their way onto here, Pat, Ingolee to name but two of them?

I’m simply a fan of independent musicians who strive to get somewhere in this world when all audiences want to hear in pubs and clubs are covers!

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Sounds like you came to the right place then. That is precisely what we are attempting to do here!

Please feel free to help spread the word!

We’ve been growing pretty fast here, but it’d be awesome to get more indie artists in here too. This isn’t JUST about recording here. We are working on some super cool stuff behind the scenes so it’d be awesome to get more people involved. :slight_smile:

Welcome!!! It’s awesome to have you here! :+1:

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Welcome to the forum. it is great to have you here I took a quick look and it seems that Audiopolis is/was similar to our bash this section. I personally would love to see that section really take off. It is a valuable resource and learning tool and when it is your turn to get bashed can make a huge difference in the unfolding of a song. I look forward to reading you around.

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Hey Ailwyn, good to see you again! You’ll like it here I think. Yeah Audiopolis had potential but I think you’ll notice some differences here that are important to avoid the apathy thing. Anyway, glad to hear the Frontliners are still active and I look forward to hearing what you guys are up to these days!


Welcom Ailwyn! Delighted to have you here. Sounds like you are going to fit right in with this group. It’s an excellent bunch.

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Yes, I totally agree with you. We’ve never really explored home recording apart from having fun on an ancient relic from the 1990’s called a TASCAM. We like the atmosphere of a recording studio, and it was through previous bashings that we went to a different one last time with some state of the art gear, spent more time in there and followed the advice of our critics. A top notch double album was our reward! It will still have flaws in it, and we’ll find out what you guys think of it later this year! Onwards and upwards :footprints:


Hi Ingo,

Yes, it’s good to catch up with you too mate… I stumbled onto this one after a message from Brandon popped up! I had problems logging onto RR and received a message directing me here and it works!!

I still review songs on Audiopolis, but I’m the only one that does, and still read posts from Steban and ROXI. Steban and I looked into the possibility of buying the site but the admin haven’t got back to us with a price! I work with CJ so he probably feels that it would be a clash of interests… I expect Pat is lurking in here somewhere!

It’ll take me a while to navigate my way round this site, but I’ll get there!

Well maybe CJ is thinking of getting back into it at some point eh? Yes, Pat is here too, he has some good stuff posted as well. Wow, a double album, very cool! Do you have some marketing ideas, I’m sure people here could help.

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CJ is too busy these days promoting his band Mista Messy, performing covers others don’t do, but no originals! We’ve only put together a CD, so I’m open to all ideas!