The Formal and the DIY mind scramble stuff

I was probably twelve or so when I could talk music best. Things have gone downhill ever since although I can still recognize some words and phrases and thank you Google at least for your dictionary.

In high school’s Work Experience Program, I requested and was sent to a professional recording studio to earn my credits. I mostly licked stamps and stuffed envelopes, lol, but I did meet a very tall Wayne Gretzky who came in to record a radio spot. I should have been way more interested in the sound engineers but at that time I had no inkling to sit on that side of a studio.

The staff liked me there and they agreed to record the family band that I was in at the time. We did a live 3 song demo in an afternoon and had a blast. The experience only heightened my desire to be among the stars but I freaking didn’t learn anything technical there, at least not anything I can remember.

A long and intensely brutal story short, 2015 came and I had to learn quick. Being a musician again was no problem jumping back into after the brief stint apart… learning how to be a sound engineer from scratch wasn’t so easy nor too appealing!

“transferable feedback ain’t so easy to come by”

So, go figure… you can’t interrupt a YouTube instructor to clarify nor expand your understanding and, sites, for no particular specific reason (Drooble) the Karma addicted musos there, from all the bickering and the curmudgeonistic slaughter houses, who can trust much of anything they may advise.

The only problem with attending an actual engineer course, besides the funding, is… while the knowledge would absolutely be transferable to the device I work on, I think, seeing as I might probably already got a foot tripping over my grave, learning on my device would be best.

From my recent Bash This Recording Post to where I posted Butt Gibberish and in some response to Andrew… Phew!!! Nope, the Master is in Stereo but… yeah, I dunno why I went to -9.9db

In the photo… I can’t remember what this freakin’ scope thingy is called but I was advised that the signal in it should kinda look like a pine cone or something… my memory ain’t so good sometimes but in my mind’s eye, as of the taking of this photo, think it should be fatter in the middle to achieve more of what someone mentioned I redo. In my beginning, this signal was large everywhere and my Stereo Width was way into the pluses.

As a note, in much of the recent re-mix and masters re-released, my Mono Filter swings between 8 to 25 and my Stereo Width is anywhere from -3 to -8. I try to, in the end get my Out RMS Peak to -12.

Just by showing some of you this much you may want to whack me upside the head… “what in the freak are you doin’ boy!?” Yeah… technically, I don’t know. I use my ears most and I think what I see in the signals is misleading but really… who does one ask when one is solo… I mean, pretty much yes completely, solo, er, without physical musical friends you can look in the face and tell whether they’re reaching for your dangly bits to give a little tug in hopes you plop out gold coins from somewhere maybe unmentionable.

Anyways… yeah 56 tracks are on SoundCloud. I hope I truly have made an improvement even if few ever hear or even fewer ever like. The whole point is, I guess I can still learn. If you have some guidance or some gnarly snarls sent reprehensively my way I am receptive to both.

x thank you
da (gibberish pedlar)


Never stop learning! All of us here can (and should) still learn. Really, that can be the best part of the journey :slight_smile:

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