The Final 4

The Final 4


Congrats to the Final 4! Again, this was extremely close with the voting.

Here are your final 4…


Great job everyone!!


Good luck, y’all!


Great, here is another turn and another battles!!
Thanks everyone for this contest!


So happy and proud to be in the final four!
Were there couples in this phase? And if yes, what were those?


Wow! I am honored to still be in the running mix with these mixes! They were among my favorites for sure. Good luck again everyone!


Congrats everyone,well done


Congrats all!! @ManAbyss @Moa22 @miked and @FluteCafe!!! Can’t wait to see the winner!!!


One thing i have just noticed is that the final 4 mixes had stuff added to them. Food for thought there .


Congrats to the final 4.


Congrats to everyone there. Very proud to be still in.


Well done to the final 4, you all deserve to be there.